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    Craftsman 917.273280

    Thanks for the advise from all who responded. The bracket that holds the seat switch onto the bottom of the seat was loose enough to not allow contact when I sat down. A minute with a 7/16 wrench and I was cutting again. Grandpap used to tell me Keep It Simple Son. jhn9840 John
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    Craftsman 917.273280

    The blades will engage with the brake set or your foot on the break pedal. jhn9840 John
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    Craftsman 917.273280

    21 horse Briggs Inteck V-twin. 407777 0121e4 030325. Starts up and idles fine. Goes up to full throttle with out any problems. Problem is as I take my foot off the break/clutch the motor dies. It will restart no problem. Any suggestions appreciated. jhn9840 John
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    Briggs 21hp over revving

    Hello all, Have a 407777 0121-e4 030325 that is over revving upon start up. Put choke all the way on and it slows down to normal. Start to release the choke any at all the rpm’s shoot way up with a lot of black smoke coming from the exhaust. I’ve checked the governor linkages and the adjustment...