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  1. Doc

    Excavator with a brush hog attached. WOW.

    I was sure glad the cab window held up okay. Some brush did hit the glass hard. Made me flinch. Had a good bit of pucker factor on the steep hills. Thankfully the blade would stabalize me while I cut away. So much fun to pulverize a 12 foot tall multiflora monstrosity. Grind them down to...
  2. Doc

    Excavator with a brush hog attached. WOW.

    And here are some pics of this awesome machine setup.
  3. Doc

    Excavator with a brush hog attached. WOW.

    Appetite for Destruction: I rented a John Deere 35G excavator with a brush cutter. It was delivered on Thursday. And I have to admit. I'm in love. This thing is so awesome. Super duper awesome. It was able to clear the area in question in record time I had it reserved for a week but...
  4. Doc

    Did You Know?

    Did you know that the Snail Road, also known as Paso de los Libertadores, is one of the most emblematic and challenging routes in South America. This road connects Chile with Argentina, passing through the majestic Andes Range. Top features: 1. **Location**: The road is located in the...
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    Did You Know?

    Did you know .....
  6. Doc

    Did You Know?

    Did you know ....
  7. Doc

    Did You Know?

    Any tidbit you find interesting that we all might not already know. Post em here.
  8. Doc

    Memes an funny stuff.

    Lets get this thread going again.
  9. Doc

    RTV-X900G indicator lights short or open circuit

    My blinkers work. When one side is blinking out side and on the dash the other side in on solid no blink on the dash.
  10. Doc

    What is best for clearing a side hill on a trail a bush hog on an excavator or on a skid steer?

    I think the excavator will be the better fit for me. While at our grandson's baseball game I was talking to another guy about this. He thought a skid steer might be able to clear it faster. I've never run a skid steer nor have I seen the skid steer bush hog so I had to wonder if there might be...
  11. Doc

    What is best for clearing a side hill on a trail a bush hog on an excavator or on a skid steer?

    Primary target is a side hill about 6 ft tall. Steep so I cannot get at it with tractor and bush hog. I reserved an excavator with a 42 inch cutter. But wondering if a skid steer with bush hog would be better for this task. Here are pics of the trail. target is the one on the left. It has some...
  12. Doc

    Need new tires

    I went with 27/9/12 on front and 27/11/12 on back. blackwater evolutions on my 1100c no rubbing issues. Pics at link below. When I replace these I will go with same size front and rear. 27/11/12.
  13. Doc

    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - II

    Nevermind. I looked them up. Way out of my price range. If I rent one for a couple weeks or a month I could get most of the work done I think.
  14. Doc

    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - II

    I need one of those. What do used ones run?
  15. Doc

    Kubota RTV900 slow speed

    If you did not use Kubota filters and more important Kubota's Super UDT Hydro oil that might be the root of your issues. I have no affiliation with Kubota but have seen others on here with the same problem when using non kubota stuff in these machines.
  16. Doc

    So, What year is it? RTV1100 / sn:15140

    Thanks BC. I could not remember which position told the year. :bonk: Congrats. Looks like you've found a well taken care of RTV. You are gonna love it. Enjoy.
  17. Doc

    Remember Memorial Day

    I will never forget those who gave all so that we can have the lives we have today. Thanks to all those brave men and women and prayers for the families those brave men left behind. Salute.
  18. Doc

    just found this Kubota owners manual download FREE

    Link is from 2018. Try one of the more recent links in same thread.
  19. Doc

    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - II

    Interesting. I heard about the sun doing some weird stuff. Had no idea it could impact the northern lights like that. Very cool.