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    New tires for XUV835M

    Bought different tires for the Gator. I had the maxxis bighorns on the Gator. Since I don't go trail riding, I didn't need these type tires. They sound like tractor tires going down the road. The new tires are probably 50-75% quieter. I really like them. We are supposed to get 6...
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    Installed Rubber Mat on Snow Blade today before snow came in.

    Installed Horse Mat material to the blade today, seen where some say it will protect backtop some. Made it so I could flip it over when one side wears out. Tried it out tonight and it work pretty good. Just have to see how it last. Bought a 4' x 6' 3/4 inch mat for 39.00. I use a 5 inch strip...
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    First Big Snow for the 835M today

    Well supposed to receive 6 -10 inches of snow in Southern Illinois today. Will be putting the blade on to see how it works. It will be nice to have a nice cab with an OEM heater in it. Let the play begin (I mean work):letitsnow:
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    Some issues with new 835M Gator

    Well I had a few issues with my 835M 1. Seal on front axle leaking 2. Rear box wouldn't lift - powered box 3. Wouldn't start First I want to say this machine has been great, glad I bought it. Sloan Equipment has been great, they will come pick up the vehicle (60 miles away) and take care...
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    Added lights to gator 835M Gator last weekend

    Added work and hazard lights to Gator last weekend. Cost me around 120-130.00 for lights and relay. Believe I would of spent 700-800 for factory lights and a beacon light. Beacon light wouldn't clear my garage door so that was out. Lights I bought have 2 rows of leds, one is regular...
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    Push snow first time with Gator 835M

    Had about 6 inches of snow last night and this morning. First time I used the Gator to push snow. Little different from using the boss vplow on my old Kubota X900. Need to get use to using the winch to raise and lower the blade. But besides that it worked great. With the Kubota having...
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    Added Mud guards (fender kit) to 835M yesterday

    Had to add the fender kit to the rear of the Gator, too much mud was throwing up on rear of cab. (Mud was from country road not a field) Sloan Equipment brought them down to my place, 60 miles away. Can't beat that service. Bill
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    Installing blade on 835M

    Installed the blade the other day. It only took about 5-10 minutes compared to the boss vplow which took me about 30-45 minutes. Boss plow was just overkill for me. Think this one will work great for me. This was just a trial run to see how long it would take, I will only put it on when...
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    Out with the Old, In with the New

    Phil and Jeff from Sloan Equipment in Effingham Il, brought my new 2018 John Deere Gator XUV 835M to its new home today. Hated to see the Kubota x900 go, but sometimes you have to try something different. Phil was very helpful, the kind of dealer you like working with. First impressions...
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    Thanks for the Gator Forum

    Doc, Thanks for the new Gator Forum. I should be receiving my JD 835M Gator within a few days. This Gator has the cab and HVAC. Never would of thought I would have AC in a UTV. Will post pictures when it arrives. Bill
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    Going green after 4 years with x900

    Got the itch the other day to look at a gator. While the gator is not the work horse the kubota is, I don’t use one in that way. I received a very good deal on a 835m with Hvac. Decided to pull the trigger today. Good luck to all the rtv owners on this forum. I will still be looking in on...
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    Has anyone bought the new Kubota Sidekick RTV?

    What are your likes and dislikes about the machine. Thinking about buying. Thanks Bill
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    Put the Boss VPlow on the x900 today

    Well have my bucket and blade on the B2680 Kubota and today place the Boss Vplow on the X900 RTV. Hope I will scare off any snow coming my way this winter. If not I hope I am ready. Since I am retired now,and my 99 year old neighbor is in the nursing home for awhile I will not be in any...
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    Rear view camera on RTV

    Installed my review camera the other day. It is foggy today and the back window is fogged up. Heater is taking care of the front windshield and eventually take care of the rear and sides. But with the rear view camera I have a real good view of behind the rtv. My system can handle 2...
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    Fluid leak on my X900

    Well I finally had the fluid leaking on my X900, was doing the 200 hour maint and decided to see what was going on. I noticed the hydraulic steering hoses were wet. So I tighten up the hoses at the bottom. Thought I had it fixed. Several days later noticed it was dripping again. So I took...
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    Actual height of Kubota rtv X1100C

    Looking at a possible deal to "upgrade" to a 2016 RTV X1100C from my X900 with cab. Family member is looking for a vehicle like mine, so I might sell them mine then purchase a new X1100C. Can someone tell me the true height of a X1100C with stock tires on it. Spec states that it is overall...
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    lights for plowing

    Okay, I have been looking at all of the different light setups for the rtv's. I really want to install the flashing lights for the side and rear of my x900. My problem is I really have no idea how to install the lights (what I need and how to install them properly). I've looked at the...
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    Use my VPlow the first time today

    We were supposed to get 5 - 10 inches of snow last night and today. Maybe 4 arrived. Still wanted to try the VPlow and heated cab. Everything worked well. Need to adjust the runners a little to get closer to surface. It is so much nicer than using the b2620 with a fel and backblade...
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    x900 extended warranty

    Guys what is your opinion on getting an extended warranty on the new models of the rtv? My warranty expires in April, received a card today from Kubota asking me if I want to extend the warranty. Don't know how much a 2 year extension would cost, I have to contact the dealer for that. Thanks...
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    Adjusting front Struts on x900

    Do you need anything special to adjust the front struts on a x900? I had the heavy duty struts installed when I purchased my 2014 x900. With the Boss Vplow on the RTV, think I need it a little stiffer. I need to break down and buy the service manual, are there any good deals on the...