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    Air Conditioning and Loss of Power

    a thought from what I have read,was wondering the possibility of an overcharge on the 134a..that can pull a lot more hp without slipping the belt..could be taken out and weigh in correct amount to test..overcharge would not cool as good but with the door off you won't notice either..just a...
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    1100 door glass

    found no insert I could use and the whole door was same as Kubota window insert so I bought the complete door,driver side,have a window..anybody need a driver door for 1100..160 lbs so don't need to ship..i am in the middle of nc
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    1100 door glass

    was wondering if you can buy just the sliding glass insert and gasket just for insert...if so the glass companies can still use the cord, door laying flat, apply the acid,and cut out a hole in orginal door glass for the insert.......cutting is done everyday in safety glass..i just would like to...