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    options for using a winch (for winching) on an RTV with plow

    Hi folks - I have an RTV x1100c with a curtis plow - mounts via 2" receiver hitch -- has hydraulic angle & electric linear actuator lift. I also have a winch (tucked under the brush guard). I want to able to winch stuff without disconnecting the plow. What are my options -- I was thinking of...
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    RTV with tracks / quick report...

    hi folks - just a quick out of the blue post about my recent experience with my RTV and Camso tracks in the snow. Short answer -- slow but awesome (so far - only had them a couple of weeks). More detail -- have a bunch of Kubota equipment (including an excavator) -- awesome stuff of course -...
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    RTV 1100XC - anyone have experience with tracks (like CAMSO) ?

    Anyone have experience with CAMSO (or other) tracks on an 1100XC - I want to groom XC ski trails and am trying to avoid buying another SXS. And now that I've posted this question, I will do the logical thing and do a search:) thanks