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  1. J

    Kubota Insurance Rocks!

    Got my RTV covered, including the trailer! $176 for a year!
  2. J

    Show us your RTV @work today....

    I'll start....being used to clean up the yard, this week I plan on hauling tools around the deer lease.
  3. J

    Instant Garage!

    My toy needs to get under cover from the weather and pine sap. Found it on Craigslist for a song, new in the box![/URL][/IMG]
  4. J

    Cabela's jump seat for $99! Use coupon 16BONUS10. Free shipping and $10 off!

    Ordered mine! On sale plus the coupon!
  5. J

    I'd like some guidance on buying a 2004 rtv900

    Hey y'all! I came across a 2004 camo rtv900 with 401 hrs on it. It is immaculate! No rust really nice and clean and has a $7000 price tag from a guy in my town. I have googled and values are hard to find. Is this a good deal? This will be my first ever utv purchase. This will be used to hunt...