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    How do you make a cat a barn cat?

    Actually, they will go out to do their business if you teach them about the door. But, if you are going to keep the door closed for a week or so to train the where home is, locking it is a good idea. CAN YOU PLEASE DESCRIBE THE BARN AND ITS CONTENTS. If it is double car size and holds...
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    How do you make a cat a barn cat?

    Yes, for sure have 2 females. A mom and her baby are really good. Go to the "pound" and get them if you can.....Usually the make you neuter them. Which is really good. Feed them where they are going to stay, like in the barn with some hay bales or put like and old dresser with drawers and...
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    Mice In Pole Barn

    For sure you need a barn cat.....Go to the "pound" and get you the youngest weaned kitten you can get that you can neuter. See the above thread above about "making" a barn cat..........
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    Replacement Axle or Shaft Source GOOD STUFF TO RESEARCH AND WHERE TO BEGIN ........thanks Miss Judy............. Geo Horn..Really a good idea. I have never used that stuff and wonder how "tough" and thick that...
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    Replacement Axle or Shaft Source

    Thanks for the help Judy...........Not out of laziness but it is, I really am of the school of, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of thought. Right now it is just a tear and yes, you can see the mechanism, the knuckles, inside there; but it's working. Before it locks up, guess I need...
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    Hand Throttle Try Out

    Surely NOT a waste of time, energy, and money!!! For me, as mentioned above by V10rick, the "throttle control" on my 05, is to hold the engine RPM at a given setting, yes, maximum torque spot is a good one. Then one uses the foot pedal, pump control, to get up the hill, slope, or work...
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    Replacement Axle or Shaft Source

    Has anyone come across just replacement boots for the older model. Discovered a torn boot on my 05 and surely dont want to do a tear down. I remember old VW Beetle needing boots and a fella was selling boots that slipped on and then sealed with bolts....worked for a long time........Any...
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    HO RAY HOOO RAY time to get............THE SHOT

    Thanks for noticing Mr. Avanti..........I even missed the month........JANUARY 25TH AT 3PM..............When the old age kicks in it really does a number.........THANKS
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    HO RAY HOOO RAY time to get............THE SHOT

    Yes am getting the M, whatever it is, type of shot. I have to wait 30 days to get the second one soon after the 30 days. Meanwhile, after a week I am up to 50% covered then after the second 95%. Yes am still gonna act like no shot til March or April.......still that is better than being...
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    HO RAY HOOO RAY time to get............THE SHOT

    HO RAY HOOOOOO RAY HO RAY Been sittin around this place watchin re-runs of Andy all morning for 10 months. Tired to death of the politics and here in Georgia the bombardment of political ads for the wanna be's that won't make any difference in the long run anyway. Watched the trees turn...
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    Trail riding with RTV

    Really great decision. Playing like that removes that ol buyer's remorse every time you realize that you did what you never dreamed of being able to do......Good deal on ya...........Only way to improve ability is to get a good mule to climb up those banks rather than look for a...
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    Accessories that fit other models...

    A very acceptable method of finding stuff that will fit on your machine is just to ask on here. These fellas dont mind at all spending your money and giving you really good advice. So, if you see something you want someplace else, just come over here and ask about it. Or, if you have a...
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    Rtv 900 wont respond to ignition switch

    Its perfectly fine to take a high pressure hose, like a garden hose, and wash off the engine and transmission from time to time. Keep the spray from the alternator itself; but not gonna hurt anything. I dont know what fuse you are talking about that is blown but as far as I know there is no...
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    Rtv 900 wont respond to ignition switch

    Maybe somebody will find them and post them here before I can find them. There are a couple of threads that talk about this, basically the fix is to merely cross-wire the neutral safety switch. Easy to do; but the shims or whatever in the switch become worn and need replacing if you want it to...
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    Leak in transmission housing - repair questions

    Excellent work and an even better write up!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR FUTURE readers and techs. Better man than I Gunga Dinh.....God bless.....Dennis
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    Merry Christmas

    For me, it's HIS gift to me. God is so very good to me and if YOU let HIM, YOU. With that, may that thought get across to YOU and your family to become part of God's family. His son, Jesus, is that ultimate gift to US.........YOU....Would you give up your son if it meant saving a few people...
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    For me, the election IS NOT OVER. I live in Georgia and this fraudulent voting is open and thrown in my face. Every day some dirty dealing is uncovered. Today's was 1749 voters in Fulton county voted TWICE. Fulton is a major county in population and Democratic Party participation. It's the...
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    Battery Update

    For me, and I support the RTV and a Kubota B series tractor, the direct replacement for Deka batteries is their manufacturer/distributor.......VOLTEC. I have been totally happy with these batteries because they last a very long time and dont need a bunch of maintenance. The original RTV...
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    Leak in transmission housing - repair questions

    In reading this: (4) Cracked Casting/Cover | Page 2 | Net Tractor Talk I had a heck of a time taking off that plug and then when I did there was nothing there......Just take the casting off and go from there......God bless.........Dennis
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    Leak in transmission housing - repair questions

    Gonna try to find the thread where I put it in here. Maybe the pictures can tell us cause honestly, I have slept a few times since last april or whenever. Common sense says that I just took off the housing bolts and went from there. When looking at the schematic, there is no reason to remove...