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    Soucy VS Camoplast T4S

    Hey Guys, its been a while since I've been on here. I did search, it seems the Camoplast tracks are more popular, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Soucy tracks? I scored a set pretty reasonable and have yet to install them. Long story short I can now get the Camoplast...
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    Winch selection

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to replace the 2k Warn winch on my 05 RTV900. I just don't feel its heavy enough. I'm going to go with a Warn vantage. But I'm kind of torn between a 3k or 4k winch. And Synthetic Rope or traditional cable. Any input guys?
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    Figuring model year by serial number

    We have a New Holland TC30, believed to be an 05 or 06. Its the older style hood and controls similar to the 1720. What part of the serial number will tell me the model year?
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    New RTV 900 owner

    Well, I'm a "new" Kubota RTV 900 owner, or soon to be once the details are hashed out. 05 RTV 900, 99 hours, Black paint job, lift kit. My grandfather bought it back in 2011 with 50 hours on it. I've used it a bit up to camp, and have had it at my place different times and I really like the...