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    How many years between oil filter changes

    I am having trouble finding any firm source on this, and wanted to see if anyone has scientific or researched information on the subject (not opinion). The question boils down to the manual stating 200 hours on a HST Filter before replacement, but nothing on years. Currently we are averaging...
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    Installed the Hydraulic Dump Kit

    So ordered (to the tune of 1K) the Hydraulic dump kit from the local dealer for my X900. Arrived two weeks later (A week more than promised). Studied the manual. It is not bad, but there are some serious assumptions that you know the layout of all the existing pipes... Anyway, for me...
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    Coast Plug for X-900 Didn't work

    So FYI, I put in the $80 coast plug today and have noticed no discernable difference in the amount of jarring I get on deceleration. Whiplash city still. That said, 2 questions for the group. The original plug had no oil on it, was actually kinda rusty (will get a couple of pix shortly). Is...
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    What size Winch

    So I am going to pick up a winch for my X900. I am also going to pick up a receiver tray so it can be moved from the front to the back if needed, as well as moved over to my 4000lb tractor. In looking at winches, you have the 5000lb which way 40lbs or the 12000lb which way 80lbs. We don't...
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    Dash Lights

    So the wife has been complaining about using the machine at night. If I had a laser cutter, I might do something different but at the moment I went cheap. A LED strip under the dash, and I bought a LED light with the PARKING signal on it and mounted it above the parking brake. Actually that...
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    Maximum Tilt / Roll Over Angle x900?

    So we have very hilly property. I see nothing anywhere to indicate tested roll over angle for the x900. Anyone have any ideas? So far 25 is my max pucker. This is actually important to me both for the safety and for my own idiocy. I own a tractor that can go on a side slope at 45 degrees...
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    Underhung Canopy Lightbar results

    Ordered a couple of lightbars off of ebay. Thought I would post the results and the one warning I have. Not much to say, I am going to re-run the wires into the ROPS when I get some more protective tubing (I have blue, the wife freaked and now I need to go buy black). My warning is on my...
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    Hand Throttle Install on x900

    So this weekend my Hand Throttle kit arrived from Messick. As noted, a reasonable straight install except for a few things. Thought I would post the issues I came up with. BTW, this is a great purchase. You can use your foot peddle as normal, but if you are plowing, working hills, or just...
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    Could someone provide me a measurement of your dump cylinder

    So before I spend money on this kit from Kubota, wanted to look and see if I can do an "upgraded" version of the dump bed. Upgraded means using an electric solenoid instead of the manual. Was wondering if anyone would have the time to provide me 4 measurements Cylinder length with or without...
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    Routing wires for lightbar

    OK, it wasn't my last. Picked up a lightbar for the front and back. As lights appear to be an accessory for the Kubota, can anyone tell me if there is prewire in the ROPS, or how they wired up the rops? I know how I do it on my tractor but if I can run inside without drilling.... Secondly...
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    And finally for tonight - Tires for the X900

    So my machine came with the stock tires (HDWS). On the machine they are pretty new and in good shape (must have been recently replaced). But we live in mud. On my quad I have Kenda Executioners and they work well, so I just bought another set with rims for the Kubota. Just making sure what...
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    Has anyone split the throttle on their RTV?

    I spoke with the person we bought the RTV from (flat lander) and we ilve in a very hilly part of the PNW. He suggested we get the Hand Throttle kit. Anyone have it and can offer judgement before I put down $100?
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    Adding the tilt steering wheel to the X900

    So the one thing missing from my machine is the tilt steering wheel. The wife and I are two different sizes and it would be nice to adjust the wheel. It looks like it is just a handle that you pull on, but maybe it is more complicated than that. Anyone have a source for totalled RTV's? I...
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    Need a Hydraulic Dump system for my RTVX-900

    So the used machine I got was the very basic used machine. No Hydraulic dump bed, no tilt steering wheel lever, not glove box cover. The wife is insistent on having the dump bed feature. I called Messick, $1000. Seems a bit steep but welcome to Kubota. Wondering if there is a less...
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    Introductions and new to me RTV-x900

    So I picked up a 2014 1600 hour RTVx900 for 6300 from a flower farm in So Cal and shipped it to our other house outside of Portland OR. No one around me has one, and I value these forums so hoping to find guidance and help from everyone. I think what I will do is ask my questions...