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  1. cchaffee

    New Hitch Accessory

    That's nice work, and an awesome idea!
  2. cchaffee

    2004 RTV 900 Will Not Move

    On my 2005, i rebuilt this same unit. On the plate that contacts these "wheels" if you were-there were brass plates. this saves the very expensive housing from wear. if you have the brass, i would replace. if you don't and the plate has scoring-I would have it ground. So far in your pictures i...
  3. cchaffee

    Rubber box edge covers

    Very Nice! great idea
  4. cchaffee

    New member - Got my RTV today!

    Congrats! looks like a nice machine. Also like the looks of your place. rocks, trees, and Hills!
  5. cchaffee

    Memorial Day

    I want to say thank you to Jim, i have always loved to hear the speeches of Ronald Reagan, and i can't think of anything better for Memorial Day. Monday I spent over 4 hours alone in the RTV in the mountains here in PA, right next to God.... ...and God Bless all that gave all.
  6. cchaffee

    MF 135 gas, need electrical

    Thank you California!!! Should be able to fix her now....
  7. cchaffee

    MF 135 gas, need electrical

    Have a 135 gas model. want to put all new gauges in but it has been cobbled. anybody have a wiring diagram? Thanks in advance.....
  8. cchaffee

    2014 RTV900, want to add work lights

    Thank you splitlogger, yeah i was at my buddy's shop looking at it, without my glasses:wink: I think you are correct and THANK YOU!! for the schematic.
  9. cchaffee

    2014 RTV900, want to add work lights

    Thanks Collie, looks like the fuse/relays are behind the seat. If anyone does have an electrical schematic for the RTV900XTS i sure would appreciate a copy.
  10. cchaffee

    2014 RTV900, want to add work lights

    Hi folks, mine is a 2006 RTV900. a buddy wants me to add work lights to a 2014 RTV900. First, does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 2014? second, where are all the fuses and relays on the 2014? Got the led lights, and a wiring harness with relay, fuse, and switch Thanks and appreciate any help
  11. cchaffee

    Time to replace the front axle RTV900

    I do ATVs, bikes, and Side by sides as a hobby for many years. i had a problem with multiple sources for CV boots (ebay included), even had one quad fail, both new boots tore within 2 weeks of install, had to eat that one. I now single source whenever I can from AmericanCV. really happy with...
  12. cchaffee

    Looking for snow plow instructions

    I have a 3/4" steel pipe on mine, for 2 years. I like it. it does still pick up the fine gravel in my driveway when the ground is soft, but once it's frozen, it doesn't. Only downside is i do a neighbors 1/4 mile drive occasionally, and it is larger gravel. It wants to shake your teeth right...
  13. cchaffee

    Pictures Post Them Here!

    Nope same for your 250. if it has sat for a while a good carb cleaning is in order. I would recommend because of it's age, that you put a Shindy kit in the carb( find on E the Bay). yours is pre-ethonal gas and the kit will help with better seals and float needle.
  14. cchaffee

    Pictures Post Them Here!

    Both can contribute Bczoom. The valves are mechanically adjustable, set the intake to.001" to .003", set the exhaust .003" to .005". To check for lean (or rich) run in any gear, pretty wide open for 20 seconds or more, close to the garage :) while throttle is open shut her down and coast in...
  15. cchaffee

    Pictures Post Them Here!

    very cool Zoom. the only thing i am waiting on is a tiny battery for the unit. it is not electric start but i bought a remote kill switch for the unit. I will be able to sit and watch, but kill the machine with a button. It's a Eton, Chinese made, but i found lots of parts and information on...
  16. cchaffee

    Pictures Post Them Here!

    I thought this belonged here. I picked up this 40cc quad in a barter. it was a flood victim. motor rusted solid, mud and silt through out. It was for my Grandsons (4, 2, and 3 weeks) who all love Grandpas Kubota. Well did a total rebuild from the frame up, and when it came time for paint this...
  17. cchaffee

    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    PawPaw, I haul off-road diesel to use in oil furnaces, I do my Dad's, mine, and help a couple neighbors once in a while. I haul 2 55gal drums full, and i take her over a slope to fill my Dad's tank--no problem. I do run a ratchet strap around them, but it is mostly for when they are empty. Oh...
  18. cchaffee

    And finally for tonight - Tires for the X900

    I have to agree with Shinnery, If you're going to work with her or spend a lot of time in the woods i would look for a heavy ply. I put on 6 ply-2ply sidewalls but i work the &!$$ out of mine.
  19. cchaffee


    My friend is looking at a 2012 500, in real nice shape. They are asking $6400. Is that a good price anyone? His wife gave him the green light on a 4 wheeler, for what he plans to use it for, I pointed him towards UTV, and of course Kubota
  20. cchaffee

    New to RTV QUESTION.

    CW, I have a 2005 900 that i rebuilt, and i used bed liner in a spray bomb to do my brush guard, ALL the plastics (they were faded almost white), and also the metal framing and doors on the cab. That was 2 years ago and it has held up really well. Even thru the brush and woods. Curt