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    RTV x1100c drops to 7mph on some hills

    Try going down the hill.
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    Tractor with forks that will lift pallets

    I was looking at the 620r a newer unit.
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    Tractor with forks that will lift pallets

    On the John Deere website it lists lift capacity at max height 5,176 lbs and 6,627lbf of break out pressure. It doesn’t matter though it will lift all I need.
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    6110 with 620 loader

    Thanks @jdgreen i pulled the cable off, cleaned the telling oil out of the dust cap, put it back together and float now works like a charm. I’ll chase down the oring at the dealer
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    Make my tires spin

    My 2016 1100x in high or low will either spin tires or stall the engine. We have had a excellent snow year this year, roughly 12” over two weeks. With that I have learned that the bota is under powered for heavy snow removal using a plow.
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    Tractor with forks that will lift pallets

    Thanks @jimr63. I ended up with a 2000 John Deere 6110 and 620 loader. I think it will lift close to 6000lbs
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    Intermittent Wiper

    Keep me posted, it hasn’t annoyed me enough to tear into it but if switching a relay is all we need to do that would be awesome.
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    Intermittent Wiper

    This looks promising
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    If one wants to drive “On Road” you should be in an “On Road” vehicle

    I don’t know what in the heck you are rambling on about, please use complete sentences and paragraphs. That said I am more scared of a teenage girl texting behind the wheel of a 4,000lb car than a person in a bright orange rtv screaming along at 20mph.
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    Introduction and a Question

    It sounds like the differential lock?
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    Going to purchase a X1100C

    Where did you get visors @Westfield ?
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    RTV 1100 / x1100c stat comparison

    I think he is asking about the difference between the x1100c and x1100d. What the heck is a x1100d? New model?
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    New Kubota RTV-X1100C Owner and one issue so far

    does it have oil in the engine? wow
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    Kubota RTV x1100c first impressions after 10 miles test drive

    I would be interested in seeing that thread. My cab is so tight I have to crack the window in order to shut the doors without slamming. The wiper sucks in range of throw also it is either on or off. You can tighten the shocks up, this should help with sway. The only problem I have with dismount...
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    New Kubota RTV-X1100C Owner and one issue so far

    That is curious, keep us posted
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    6110 with 620 loader

    That is good stuff thank you for giving me an direction to head in. I will add something else that I noticed. When I use the bucket curl it seems like the valve is sticking, I can hear a noise coming out of the valve stack even after I have finished moving the bucket. If I wiggle the stick it...
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    6110 with 620 loader

    Thanks for your help btw!
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    6110 with 620 loader

    It is weird, I read somewhere that you (possibly) push the handle to the side to make it float. So forward, back, and to the left all feel normal but when I push it to the right, beyond normal throw, like a float position I feel a detent in the control and hear a click in the valve behind the...
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    6110 with 620 loader

    I just bought a 2002 model 6110 with a 620 loader. The float on the loader does not work. When you push the lever all the way forward it lifts the tractor and there is no detent. Any ideas on where to start would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Head Ache rack for X1100C ?

    I have heard it described as follows in regards to 18 wheelers. #1 it’s called a headache rack because of all the crap, chains,binders etc that hang on it rattle around causing headaches. #2 it’s called a headache rack because it prevents logs from smashing through the cab in a accident and...