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    CK20S kioti putting mahindra 3710 backhoe on kioti pto for pump???

    I got a really good deal on a backhoe off 3316 mahindra tractor the backhoe is a 3710.. it is set up for a 33 hp 4.7gpm pump ,dont konow pto HP,I was wondering if i put a hydrualic pump on pto of kioti which has 16 to 17 hp on the pto will it be enough to run the hoe without tearing anything up...
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    Kioti ck20s won't crank over???

    Ijust got this kioti about 16 days ago and I already have a problem with it. So I started it up and let it warm up for 10 min. while i was doing other stuff. then i moved it to my work area let it run for a few more min. then i shut it off then about 45 min later it wouldn't even crank over all...