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    Mean looking x1100c

    I bought this in February. Needed some love. I just finished last week. I kinda went nuts with it. We have a cabin up in Maine so this’ll be fun up there. Here’s before and after
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    X1100c doors for sale

    So I just finished repairing and upgrading my 2014 x1100c. I splurged on new doors so I’m selling these. Have some dents and rot at bottoms, where they’re bondo filled. Both really not bad though overall and fully functional. They’re just the door skins, no internal components or gaskets. My...
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    Rtv x1100c rear axle

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum. Just picked up a 2014 rtv x1100c for $700 bucks. Needed some work but what a great machine. I need to replace the rear axle cv boots and I’m wondering what’s the process for removing the axle from the rear end. I know it’s a splined shaft but does the axle just...