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  1. cchaffee

    MF 135 gas, need electrical

    Have a 135 gas model. want to put all new gauges in but it has been cobbled. anybody have a wiring diagram? Thanks in advance.....
  2. cchaffee

    2014 RTV900, want to add work lights

    Hi folks, mine is a 2006 RTV900. a buddy wants me to add work lights to a 2014 RTV900. First, does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 2014? second, where are all the fuses and relays on the 2014? Got the led lights, and a wiring harness with relay, fuse, and switch Thanks and appreciate any help
  3. cchaffee


    My friend is looking at a 2012 500, in real nice shape. They are asking $6400. Is that a good price anyone? His wife gave him the green light on a 4 wheeler, for what he plans to use it for, I pointed him towards UTV, and of course Kubota
  4. cchaffee

    Weak in reverse

    2005 RTV900 The last couple times plowing snow i got stuck (no spinning) when i tried to back up. It's like it didn't have any umph going backwards. Barely took anything to get going, usually just angle the plow back and forth. One time it required a little tow. All forward speeds seem good...
  5. cchaffee

    Snow, FINALLY!

    Hey guys. Enjoy this forum and read it a lot while I was rebuilding my A-B used 2005 RTV 900. After it was running I opted to buy the plow before getting new tires and seat that are needed. Problem has been--no snow since I installed the plow. Yesterday we got 8 to 12 inches here in PA...
  6. cchaffee

    Kubota RTV 900 blowing hydro filter

    I bought this used. repaired bearings and replaced the hydro pump brasses. it will blow the hydro pressure side filter, if it doesn't blow you can see it pulsing. removed the servo pilot valve and cleaned removed the pressure relief and polished still struggling, any ideas?