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    6110 with 620 loader

    I just bought a 2002 model 6110 with a 620 loader. The float on the loader does not work. When you push the lever all the way forward it lifts the tractor and there is no detent. Any ideas on where to start would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Can't get my transmission adjusted correctly.

    Not really, This is merely a ploy to get authuritis to check in!
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    Thanks for the updates!

    Thanks bordercollie for posting updates about your roxor experiences! We are following along!
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    Mahindra Roxor

    Anyone check out the Roxor? I guess Mahindra bought the rights to build the original Willys jeep and started making these. It has a high low transfer case, manual tranny and a 65 HP diesel engine. They look pretty sweet, I imagine has a application but with all the modern sxs out there I...
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    Nice Weather Finally!

    Looks like the cold weather here in central Ohio is behind us, as of.... yesterday. I am sure we will have a few cold days among the nice ones but hopefully not vise versa! Ready to catch swarms, plant the garden and get some crops planted. Hope you all are in the same boat!
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    Pictures Post Them Here!

    It would be interesting to see some pictures of tractortalk posters rtvs. Especially if you have action shots or just shots of accessories. I am often curious who is driving what. Spray rigs, plows, bed racks, bare neked post them here! Doc said he will flip upside down...
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    Spend my Money for me!

    I currently mow 10 acres + with a Toro z master 52". It takes me 8-10 hrs of hauling azz to finish, I usually break it up over two days, that said I need to mow once a week.... I am fencing off two acres for cows and goats so that will help some but I still need a bigger mower. I have...
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    Enclosed trailer

    Does anyone haul their RTV in an enclosed trailer? I Was thinking about buying one and figured it be nice if I could haul my RTV. However I realize it would be hard to find one with a tall enough door. Thanks!
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    Tractor with forks that will lift pallets

    What size Kubota would I need to lift 2500lb pallets?
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    Straight Pipe

    A earlier post reminded me of a question I've had for awhile. Are there many straight pipes out there? Does it sound awesome? Increased performance? Just curious. One of the mufflers broke off on my Cummins A few years back so we just decided to cut them all off and straight pipe it. my...
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    X1100 Seat belt recall

    Thought I'd post this.
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    My new nick name for our X100 is... Refrigerated Transport Vehicle :17875:
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    For arguments sake and because the forum seems quiet.... I took a S, almost a z curve in my x1100c today on asphalt at 24mph. I drive this "one car road" behind my house every day, in the 3500 ram 15 mph is hanging on, 25 mph in the wife's car wouldn't fly if she was in it. My point is the...
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    50 Hr Review

    :soapbox: X1100C Is Awesome! Oil change was a bit of a pita with removing skid plate and a tight fit for big hands pulling the oil filter. Two Hydro filters, engine filter and a gallon of liquid gold bota hydro fluid = $118 not including the gallon of Rotella. That is ok though I am planning...
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    Hey Doc I dont seem to get the email alerts that someone has responded anymore.. any Ideas?
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    Alright I busted the radio antenna on a tree branch when it was cold... It broke right at the swivel so I think maybe I can weld it although it is cast i am not holding my breathe. Anyone use a different antenna? The kubota one comes all together $80, Im thinking about going to the local...
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    Does anyone know how many amps the Kubota work lights draw? From reading on here I see that they are prewired for the x1100c. Basically I am asking because I bought 3 led lights that use 4.2 amps each, I would like to put two on the front and one in the back using the stock harness and...
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    Our new buggy

    Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I will probably do more reading than posting but thanks for all the years of good info that you all have assembled! For me it started with craigslist browsing used buggys, I had settled on a mule 3010 or 610. I thought I had better buy a new...