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  1. Oldpath

    Guns and targets

    I'll stick with my 30/30, 44 Henry mag, 45 colt, 1851 Navy, 20 gage, and my old 410....... Close your eyes @ 4:20 if your getting the willies.......
  2. Oldpath

    The cost of building might be on the rise

    This has got to be a misprint or the real reason more do-it-yourselfers buying portable sawmills.....
  3. Oldpath

    Todays shop time

    I went in the woods this morning and decided it was a bit to muddy so figured it was a good day to drop my skid plate and do a little cleaning, it had about 3 years of dirt on it. Theres 4>1/2" bolts on front and 4>5/8" bolts on back that hold it on, gives much needed protection in the woods...
  4. Oldpath

    Tractor logging

    Maybe some here like tractor logging so I'll post a few pics before I shut down til mud season is over which appears to be on schedule. In this firewood season I started collecting the oak tops that was left from last summers bridge making show, this oak top gave me some static, ended up...
  5. Oldpath

    A bridge to somewhere

    For those that haven't seen and might want to.