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    Head Ache rack for X1100C ?

    Jeezy that's alot on money for that cheap factory stuff.could built you a set of mine for just a few dollars more i could have built you one 5 tines stronger.
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    Replacement cable for a Warn RT30 Wench

    Synthetic rope is great just make sure you keep winch covered if you run through will spread rope
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    Head Ache rack for X1100C ?

    Feel free to copy my work.
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    Head Ache rack for X1100C ?

    Hey everybody had to drop in i can make you any kinda rack you want.sorry I don't have pictures of the rails an racks I made but I'm sure someone still has a pic or two.the ones I make will surprise you in quality an I bet you won't find a better stronger set than cheap thing all tubing used
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    Stick Stopper

    The guy will let me know tomorrow about going over an getting measurements
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    Stick Stopper

    can someone partner up an get me a templete.I'll try an see if I can make it or to the equipment place an make templet too
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    Stick Stopper

    ok guys i have a half day havent had time to make it to the bota dealer to make a set but if anyone wants to send me their stock set and just tell me how much longer they need to be ill get on it.i.m hoping to get a week off one day so i can get over to the bota dealer.right now im...
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    found trv

    sorry I haven't posted but it's been soon as I get time I'm going to go to the boat dealer an make some stuff.thanks
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    found trv

    yea that looks like it's repairable.
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    Pictures Post Them Here!

    them rtv's sure are workhorses
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    found trv

    can you get me some pictures of the brush guard ?also never say it can't be straightened i have been known to pull off some crazy repairs.
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    found trv

    thanks for the compliments guys and gals. i went on a job yesterday at m&l industries the same place i went to a few years ago and asked if i could get measurements off their rtv'swell the dirt bag that ran the place when i went retired .while i was there i was given permission to look at and...
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    Crap Sums it Up

    can you post pics of the crack? might be able to help you out on it
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    found trv

    they been riding around me the last 3 days in a rtv it doesn't have a cab but it's a 4 seater with the fold down back's brand new.I sure am hoping I can make some stuff off this rtv.I haven't seen the other RTV's they have but I'll ask tomorrow.
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    found trv

    Im on a job right now and they have 5 trs newer models .I made a deal with them that if they let me come here to get measurements and make parts that I will give them 1 of every part I make .
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    RTV900 thermostat housing

    i use aluminum welding rods on cast aluminum havent had any break yet so you might wanna try they are pricey but they are worth every penny when you need them.
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    how yall been doing

    everything is great on my end and yes a reunion would be great .
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    Fatigue break on X900 front bumper

    yea that material is to thin.looks like it broke before the weld .the heat weakened the thin metal.I would just scrap the stock one and have welding shop make new one.they can use old one as templet so that would save alot of money.if you can send a picture of entire front bumper I can tell you...
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    chainsaw mill

    what are the chains called for cutting with the grain?i tried with my saw but always gets clogged with long buddy next door has a mini sawmill for chainsaws he burned up a few saws cutting cypress because of it clogging up