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    found trv

    Im on a job right now and they have 5 trs newer models .I made a deal with them that if they let me come here to get measurements and make parts that I will give them 1 of every part I make .
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    how yall been doing

    just stopped by the site again after a long break.been on the road alot and still on the road figured i would drop in and say hello .might try getting back into making stuff again.i seem to have a week or two in between jobs .so has any of my stuff a made broke yet im was wondering how it's all...
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    need some help

    I'm gonna make a move to get out of the oildfield welding sinse it's unstable.i wanna go into making custom parts for people it don't have to be a rtv it can be a tractor /truck/car/anything. I have a buddy why welds and I'm gonna ask him to come in with me I already have the machines and tools...
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    just a reminder

    I just wanted to let everyone one my buddie's wife lost her battle with cance early this morning.i would stop by after work everyother week to check on them.i went there 3 weeks ago and she was sitting on the sofa with a head full of hair joking around with everyone like nothing was wronge,the...
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    Hey everybody I just got in touch with two guns an he's doin fine.hes having the same problem as me really busy.he said to tell everyone hi an that he's gonna be back soon.
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    im back

    Thanks zoom doc an twoguns.I be able to post an reply again
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    just had to laugh

    my wife came back home and well she goes through my phone and checks facebook well I decided one day I was gonna uopoad some pics one of the pics was her sitting in the rhino on the levee whith the dogs playing in the water.well my dad told her me and the kids had went riding and I told her I...
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    I have mentioned before about all the pulloff hoses I get .they are all stuill in great chape and can still be used for years to come .I can get anything from 1/4 to 1" even bigger. I won't charge for the hoses but you will have to cover chipping so if anyone has a bad hose on a tractor ofr...
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    well guys i'm single now

    the old lady left today and I don't miss her one damn bit .so it's just me 9 dogs and 6 goldfish and 7 catfish. that's about all I got to say about that. don't worry about posting i'm sorry because to me it's the best thing that's come along in a long time.she was way to controlling even the...
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    rtv fenders

    wheezer asked me to make him some fenders so with the help from him sending me one of his fenders and also the help of twoguns posting some pictures of some fenders this is what I came up with.i got one built and i'm working on the second one might not look like it but sinse my press...
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    need some pictures

    I'm doing a set of fenders and I need yall to post some pictures of the fenders from as many angles as possible.thanks..peanut.
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    headache rack for buddy

    here are some pictures of a headache rack I made for a was on his little Nissan pickup but he bought him a new dodge dually and wanted it stretched. I asked him if he was in a hury for it and he said no .I took my time and used my imagination . I stretched it and buffed the paint from...
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    I apologize to everyone

    There are a few members who ordered stickstoppers an I had to keep pushing the delivery date back due to the hours I was working on jobs.I was supose to have last weekend off but they ended up sending me to venice saturday an sunday.then monday we get all kindsa rain an they wanted me to...
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    kabota paint

    I built a set of stick stoppers for a forum member an he wanted them painted bota orange.I an in the process of painting them an was wondering if sny of you guys ever used this paint and if so hiw well did it hold seems to take all day fir it to dry even with 1000watts of halogen lights on...
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    aluminum job site tool box

    I finally got around to makin me tool box for my frabrication tools its 4'wide by about 30"deep an 32"high .im not finished with it yet
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    been gone for a while

    well it seems that everyone has been behaving themselves. came across a good offer so i had to give it a try right now i'm building offshore slickline boxs and repairing wireline units. they want me to expands so they gave me 25 joints of 3' drill pipe and offered me as much more as i can haul...
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    huge cotton mouth

    this is the cotton mouth i shot the other day she's 5' long By hpx4x4man at 2012-08-16
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    gonna be away for a week of so

    i have some stuff to make for a badboy buggy i'll be back when i'l done with the job.thanks guys. ps no hard feeling chit happens right??
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    leaseing a 1100

    i just got off the phone with bota and they can lease me an 1100 for 250.00 a month for 60 months and i can buy it at the end of the lease for 3500 is this a good deal ? atleast i will have a pattern maker to make all my parts from
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    i need a project

    does anyone have anything that broke on their rtv that can be shipped to me to work on .i am so caught up around here that i spend my days eating mullberries out the tree . i would like to try to make something better for the rtv like maybe an old melted plastic hydraulic tank? not looking for...