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    CK25 engine problem

    I have a CK25 with 800 hours on the engine. I changed the oil today, and when I removed the drain plug from the left side, 3 pieces of metal dropped out. Once I got them cleaned up I could see they were gear teeth that had broken off. The engine starts and runs perfectly. The teeth are very...
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    Hay baler question

    Thanks. There is little to no slope. I was hoping to find the bare minimum for this baler.
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    Hay baler question

    Does anyone know the minimum HP requirement for an AC 303 baler? Thanks.
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    CK25 hst creeps

    I've had my 2004 CK 25 for a couple of months. When I take my foot off the pedal the tractor often keeps creeping forward. It's very slow, but moving. This week it has started doing the same when backing up. Usually a tap on the other end of the pedal stops it. Any idea how to fix this...
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    JD14 cylinder missing - sometimes

    Those are great ideas, I will try them out. Thanks!
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    JD14 cylinder missing - sometimes

    I have a JD 14 that has a nearly new Honda GX690 engine. Yesterday it started running rough. After a bit of testing I figured out one spark plug wasn't firing. As I was tinkering it started running properly and ran fine until I worked for about a half hour today. All of a sudden it started...