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    RTV 1100 factory outside mirrors.

    Had a factory Kubota mirror on my RTV 900 which I thought was cheaply made and hard to stay in adjustment.My new 2021 Kubota RTV 11000 will be coming this week I opted to purchase Grote model 28252-5 mirrors instead.Another member had pics on they looked more stout verses the factory...
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    2021 Kubota RTV 1100 c

    Just sold my 2006 RTV 900 which had 1000 plus flawless trouble free hours on the meter.Purchased a new 2021 RTV 1100c & I noticed the air in take has a round 2 inch rubber hose which is wide open.Would this not be a critter getter for mice and such?I an thinking about using a hose clamp and...
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    My RTV is stuck in gear too,YAHOO!!

    Well it happened to me also,my 2006 rtv 900 is stuck in reverse.I was plowing snow and it stuck in reverse,thank god I was near the driveway so my dealer could come and get it.They tell me they have a permanent fix.I hope so myRTV is out of warrenty(180 hours).coobie</p>
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    Curtis plow and mount !!!

    When I bought my RTV 900 in 2006 I looked at the (LT 680)blizzard snowplowhydro lift and angle for $3500 bucks a little steep for me.I ended buying a curtis snowplow electric lift and manual angle for alot less.While I do like the job the curtis plow has done I don,t like the cheap IMHO mounting...
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    RTV 900 verses RTV 1100

    I have a question for you folks who have owned a RTV 900 and then bought a RTV 1100 are you happy you did so?I have a 2006 RTV 900 and have been leaning towards a buying new RTV 1100.Thanks for any information,coobie</p>
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    Coast Valve installed on my 2006 RTV 900

    I installed a coast valve($149.24 shipped) on my RTV 900 to get rid of the sudden jerky stops from the hydrostatic tranny.This is a new machine now that jerky stops are gone and the RTV slows down more gradually and the tranny shifts smoother.I would say if you live in hilly terrain or pull a...
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    Maxium weight for a snowplow ??

    Iown a 2006 RTV 900 and currently have a curtis 72 inch snowplow manuel angle with electric lift,the weight is 275 lbs.I want to go with a 72 inch 7 ga.steel with full hydro lift and angle.The total weight is around 570 lbs.I also have the curtis full cab with the updated heavy duty front...
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    section for buy sell or trade ?

    Would anyone like to see a section on this board for buy,sell or trade?How about tips to improve the performance of your RTV?Just curious,coobie.</p>
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    two guns & Messick (THANKS)

    I want to personal thank two guns and Messicks.I have been trying to sign on to this website for the past week or so with no luck andemailed these two guys who helped me out.Thanks a million guys I was going into RTVwithdrawls,LOL.coobie</p>
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    RTV 900 front driveshaft rattle finally fixed

    I finally have my frontdriveshaft rattle fixed on my 2006 RTV 900 no thanks to Kubota.My kubota dealer changed out the fron driveshaft twice but the rallte always returned within 20-30 hours of use.I want to thank this fellow for his web-site he posted on here with pics and a fix for the...
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    Drive shaft Rattle fix !!!

    <P mce_keep="true">Someone on this site posted a drive shaft rattle fixin great detail with pics(thankyou)I took this information to my dealer and he is going to try to fix my rattle problem in the drive shaft.My dealer has replaced my drive shaft twice,with no improvement.,the rattle is louder...
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    Mod.?? I cant stay signed on??

    Moderater,Help??Every time I visit this site I have to sign on,why?I have used the keep me sigined on button also.Thanks,coobie
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    Leaking radiatior fluid !!

    I started to notice a small amount of radiator fluidstarting to leak underneath my RTV 900 the last few days.I put it up on the car ramps and noticed it was coming from the passenger side rear.There are 2 hose clamps located just in front of the passenger side rear wheel.I thightened them both...
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    RTV 900 & Curtis snowplow

    This weekend we got around 12 inches of snow,YE-HAA time tosome serious snow plowing[8-|]To make a long story short I lost one of the snow shoes off the curtis plow.The curtis plowis sold threw kubota dealerships here in michigan,anyway the cost of the new shoe is $28 bucks.The shoe is held in...
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    OT! Kubota 326 ZTR front snowplow??

    I have a question will a RTV 900 (curtis front snow plow)fit a 2007 kubota pro 326 ZTR mower?I have a friend who just bought a 326 pro who asked this question..Does anyone have any pics of a front plow mounted on a Kubota 326 pro?How does it mount?Thanks for any information.coobie
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    I saw a picture of the RTV 500 today

    Its going to be a 2 cyl. 15.8 HP gas engine from what I read.coobie
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    What weight synthetic oil ???

    I have around 95 hours on the RTV.I am thinking about switching to full synthetic 5w-40 schaeffers oil.Is anyone running full synthetic oil in there RTV,if so what weight?Thanks for any information.coobie[:)]
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    The old girl is in the shop !!!(UPDATE)

    After a few times of trying to fix the drive shaft rattle my dealer is ordering a new drive shaft to fix my constant rattle,of course the front drive shaft is on back order[:'(]But hey if this fixes the problem I will be happy[8-|]I sure miss not havingmy RTV[:'(]Update!! my dealership received...
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    Factory windshield & Front storage rack

    I was planning on adding a front storage rack to the RTV.My question is if I add the front rack will the factory windshield still be able to open up with the rack installed?Has anyone have one installed?Thanks ,coobie</P>