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    CS2220 - Anyone have any first hand experience with it?

    Hi folks I am thinking about getting a new tractor having gone from a Kioti CS2410 -> Kubota BX25D -> Kubota B3200 -> JD 1035R.. I just found I needed more power so went up to the B3200. I then got rid of it and got the JD and hated it. So I in the market again and I see Kioti's new CS2220 is...
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    CS2410 Backhoe - 3PT Hitch or SB2410

    HI there, looking for anyone with comments on the backhoe options for the CS2410. I can get a SB2410 installed for about $10,000 Canadian or I can by a Value Leader BHM5 for about $5,300 CAD. Different specs and all on each of them but I am only looking to use it on my parcel of land for some...