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    RTV 1100 factory outside mirrors.

    RTV 1100c Cab models you cannot use a clamp on roll bar mirrors.
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    RTV 1100 factory outside mirrors.

    My kubota 1100c came in the past week I will try to mount the grote mirrors and post a pic.
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    Rear view mirrors for my 1100?

    Those grote mirrors are just what I was looking for.Kubota factory ones are JUNK IMHO..
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    Mice In Pole Barn

    Peppermint oil dipped in cotton balls and dryer sheets work the best for me.
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    RTV 1100 factory outside mirrors.

    Had a factory Kubota mirror on my RTV 900 which I thought was cheaply made and hard to stay in adjustment.My new 2021 Kubota RTV 11000 will be coming this week I opted to purchase Grote model 28252-5 mirrors instead.Another member had pics on they looked more stout verses the factory...
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    2021 Kubota RTV 1100 c

    My concern is not a mouse blocking the air intake if they build a mouse nest inside the air intake.I think that would create problems.
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    2021 Kubota RTV 1100 c

    Going later this week to pickup the New RTV 1100 wanted to prepare things when I got her home.Thanks to all who replied.A pic of my old unit.
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    2021 Kubota RTV 1100 c

    Just sold my 2006 RTV 900 which had 1000 plus flawless trouble free hours on the meter.Purchased a new 2021 RTV 1100c & I noticed the air in take has a round 2 inch rubber hose which is wide open.Would this not be a critter getter for mice and such?I an thinking about using a hose clamp and...
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    kioti vs MacCormick

    I guess for me it would come down to who had the best dealer support,they both are good tractors.coobie
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    what are the realy major problems with the rtv's

    My 2006 RTV 900 got stuck in reverse went to the dealer $130 to get fixed.Two drive shafts for the drive shaft rattle,never cured it .I found the drive shaft fix on this board someone had posted and it fixed it.I have 201 hours on my RTV 900 now.coobie</p>
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    Kanlan v plow

    Wade,I have to disagree with you on this comment.I live in michigan and we get plenty of snow.I had a local shop beef up my curtis plow and mounting system and made it full hydraulic angle and lift.I have pushed up to 12-14 inches of snow with my RTV 900 without a problem.coobie</p>
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    Off subject - Binoculars?

    Brian,you hit the nail on the head with the Nikon Monarchs.I have the Monarchs in 10X42,IMHO they are the best binos out there for under $300 bucks.coobie</p>
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    Look At This >>>

    Re: Look At This >>> I was at the farm machinery show in louisville Ky.and seen that new Kubota 1140 they are pretty sharp.coobie</p>
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    Considering purchasing a RTV900T6-H mostly for snow removal

    I have plowed alot of snow here in michigan with my 2006 RTV 900 with curtis plow.As someone mentioned the orginal curtis plow setup is the weak point. IMHO they are correct.I had my curtisplow mounting totally system beefed up and changed to full Hydro,now its amazing plowing with it.I also had...
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    one owner's ramblings

    I agree,theonly problems that I have really had are the drive shaft rattle and getting stuck in reverse,kubota made it right with meboth times.I truely like my 2006 RTV.coobie</p>
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    My RTV is stuck in gear too,YAHOO!!

    Got theRTV back the next day,they adjusted a cable and built up the rail to keepthe fork from slipping out of postion.coobie</p>
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    My RTV is stuck in gear too,YAHOO!!

    </p> No I did not,I just had major back surgery done in I have been takeing it easy.I guess the fix according to the dealer is raising the rail so the fork can,t slip out.I will know tomarrow.coobie</p>
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    My RTV is stuck in gear too,YAHOO!!

    Well it happened to me also,my 2006 rtv 900 is stuck in reverse.I was plowing snow and it stuck in reverse,thank god I was near the driveway so my dealer could come and get it.They tell me they have a permanent fix.I hope so myRTV is out of warrenty(180 hours).coobie</p>
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    RTV Proved Itself Well

    I had the bright idea last week to cut across my snow filled(about 3 ft tall banks)driveway to cut over to the pole barn drivewaywith my Dodge 3/4 ton truck and got buried up the ying-yang.I told my wife I would get the RTV and she said that will never pull this truck out.Low and behold with her...
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    Nearing time to replace drive shaft's bearing

    I had my Kubota dealer do the corne/jo rattle fix last year on my 2006 rtv 900.So far all is well.</p>