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  1. Doc

    Steering RTV x1100c

    Just back from a 30+ mile drive on back country roads. Beautiful day here. I noticed an anomaly about the steering. Don't know if it's normal or I might have an issue. Previous owner put one of those knobs on the steering wheel that assist with steering. Wife likes it so I left it on. I...
  2. Doc

    Plug in for winch nowhere to be found.

    I had to winch my mower on to the trailer yesterday. Way to heavy to push up the ramp. So I winched from beside the truck that was hooked up to the trailer. I needed to winch from the other side of the trailer so I figured it was a good time to try out the winch on the new to me x1100c. I...
  3. Doc

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all our forum community. May you all have a blessed day.
  4. Doc

    RTV x1100c drops to 7mph on some hills

    I love the longevity of the diesel but ...I'd most likely pull the trigger on the sidekick due to the speed difference. My x1100 bogs down to 7mph on to many hills around here. it makes it up but dang, I feel like I have to pedal or get out and push.
  5. Doc

    How do you make a cat a barn cat?

    I've tried twice. Wife ends up babying it and takes it in house. Then all they do is want back in house. So, I presume you put em in the barn and never ever let them in the house. Is it simple as that? Do you give them much attention, petting them and such or do you avoid them as much as...
  6. Doc

    The Flyers

    The little boy put on his clothes for the cold and then told his father: "Ok dad I'm ready" His Dad, the pastor, said: "Ready for what?" "Dad, it's time to go outside and distribute our flyers." Dad replied: "Son, it's very cold outside and it's drizzling." The child looked surprised at his...
  7. Doc

    Battery charge level after running

    I have battery tenders on most of my equipment that sits during winter months. I'll still start em up and run them for 5 mins or so every month. When I check the battery charger both batteries on my tractor and excavator were at 100% charged. After running for 5 mins or more I rehook the...
  8. Doc

    What a nice looking rear

    I love the way my RTV sits and looks from behind with the 27” black water evolution tires. She sits up nice with great clearance and looks great. 😁👍
  9. Doc

    Trail riding with RTV

    I'm so impressed with this new to me 2015 RTV x1100c. I drove the same trails I normally ride in nicer weather in the Honda Pioneer. Yesterdays high temp was 35, so I'd freeze in the Honda Pioneer. No problem with the closed cab RTV. The gearing is so much different than the older RTV's...
  10. Doc

    RTV x1100c WorkShop Manual from dealer

    I had turn signals and flashers put on my 2015 RTV x1100c. I asked the parts manager how much the workshop manual was that I'd have to pick one up sometime. He said, the workshop manual runs 135. :eek: But he said I can send you a link to a PDF file at no charge. Wow. I said heck yeah. I...
  11. Doc

    RTV 1100 / x1100c stat comparison

    I was looking for the difference in x1100c and x1100d .....let me to this: I found this interesting so sharing here. Here Is The Side By Side Comparison Of The New X1100C And The Older Standard RTV 1100 Model. It Should Be Noted That Both Of These Models Come Standard With A Factory...
  12. Doc

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  13. Doc

    What is it an what is it for?

    On a 2015 X1100c. Passenger side has mounting point for something but nothing is there.
  14. Doc

    Kubota RTV x1100c first impressions after 10 miles test drive

    Yesterday I purchased a 2015 Kubota RTV x1100c. Today I got to take her out on my back roads / trails for a little test. Tires are worn pretty bad so I stayed on less challenging terrane for this ride. So impressed with this machine. Having owned a 2006 RTV900 and a 2009 RTV 1140 I've...
  15. Doc

    Lets talk tires one more time

    I have been reading tires threads, lots of good info but I still have a question or two. Mainly, I notice most buy the same width all around. I think OEM for the x1100c is 9 on front and 11 on the rear, or even 12" on the rear (25x12x12) Like most I want more height so I'm leaning going to a...
  16. Doc

    New to me 2015 Kubota RTV x1100c

    I finally pulled the trigger on this one. just after semi deciding to wait longer into spring to buy. I could not pass this one up. Not sure I could have found another cream puff like this one. 2015 Kubota RTV x1100c, 220 hours, 677 miles. I love the H and L without the M. I put it in...
  17. Doc

    Do all RTV 1100's have heat?

    I'm going to look at a 2015 RTV 1100 tomorrow Looks like a cream puff. A girls dad passed away. He was 81 and the owner. She is hadleing the estate and selling it for the family. I know her and her hubby from the yacht club we were in a few years back. They listed A/C in the add but...
  18. Doc

    How expensive and or hard to convert a manual RTV 900 bed to hydraulic?

    I'm shopping for an older RTV with hydraulic bed. I found one with a manual bed. How expensive and or hard to convert a manual RTV 900 bed to hydraulic?
  19. Doc

    Advice from a Respiratory Therapist about COVID.

    Advice from a Respiratory Therapist about COVID. Just in case you get the virus and develop symptoms, here’s some good advice from a respiratory therapist to help stay out of the hospital and recover quickly. CORONA Common Sense Since they are calling on Respiratory therapist to help fight...
  20. Doc

    UTV with camper. LMAO

    Photoshopped I'm sure but funny as hell. LOL