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    JD 4310 Rear Axle Seal

    I need to replace the rear axle seal on my 4310 Hydro. I have the workshop manual & Parts Diagrams. It would appear that I only require the axle seal & 'C' clip. There is no mention of gasket, o'ring or sealant used to seal the axle housing to the diff housing. Has anyone had experience with...
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    Curtis Plow Skid Shoes

    I couldn't find a previous post on this subject - so here goes. The skid shoes wore out on my RTV Curtis Plow. Kubota wants the premium price of $33.00 ea. and no one local has them in stock - go figure, winter in the Northeast and no one is stocking skid shoes. I found an alternative...
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    Had to put the plow on last night

    Well we got 16" of snow last night here in Northwest NJ. I fought to the urge until the last minute but gave in - put the plow on and went to work (okay so I went out to play). Turned the heater on, tuned the radio and about 2 hrs later my wife called and asked if I was ever coming back in the...
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    4310 Frt axle adjustment bolt

    I was servicing my 4310 Compact today and noticed a loose bolt in the support bracket in front of the front axle. This is a 5/16" bolt w/locking nut, threaded into the center of the front support. I checked the JD Parts diagrams and it is not pictured. My best guess is it applies preload to...
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    Proud new owner

    Hi all. Yes, I am a proud new owner of a new RTV900 Worksite, w/Hardtop, soft doors, hydraulic bed and power angle snowplow. I have just spent the last hour reading through the forum. A lot to consume. I'm impressed w/the product loyalty and the willingnees to share the knowledge. Reminds me...