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    Emergency Flashers

    Has anybody added some emergency flashers to a RTV 900?
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    2 - stroke oil

    Does anyone add 2 stroke oil to their diesel fuel in their RTV ? If you do what are your thoughts on it.
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    Does anybody have a tach on a rtv 900. If so where did you get it and the model of it. Thanks.
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    Hand throttle

    Ordered a hand throttle kit for my RTV 900. I just cant seem to learn to let off the gas peddle when going up a big hill. I think this will solve my problem.
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    Stuck in a drought in Texas

    Stuck in a drought in Texas
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    New Kubota RTV900XT

    Going to purchase one of these in the next month. Any tips on must have items or things not to buy with this model. Unit to be used on a farm (mild work) and for pleasure in central Texas. Thanks for any comments.