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  1. jimr63

    Plug in for winch nowhere to be found.

    My bet is it used to be mounted in the dash where your emergency flasher button is now and they left it dangling behind the dash when they installed your turn signals.:unsure:
  2. jimr63

    John Deere 955 Is Slow

    Or you can zip tie that safety nanny switch closed so the tractor thinks you are always in the seat. :)
  3. jimr63

    RTV-900 vs. RTV-XG850: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

    Yes, have had both and traded my Sidekick in on a new RTVX1140. Loved the faster speed, and towing ability of the Sidekick and have no negatives to report except one, the touchy throttle makes backing up to a trailer tough. That was a minor issue though, really wanted to have all diesel motors...
  4. jimr63

    Mice In Pole Barn

    "health food store"? What's that! Pizza Hut? :)
  5. jimr63

    Mice In Pole Barn

    Thanks! I agree, the smell is pretty bad. It's better than mouse urine though. :)
  6. jimr63

    Tractor with forks that will lift pallets

    I use the LA1854 loader on my M5-091. It hasn't met a pallet of anything that it can't lift... I even use it to move my JD 644 corn head around in the barn when I need to reposition it. What ever you get/use just make sure to use rear ballast. :cool:
  7. jimr63

    Mice In Pole Barn

    Sorry, resuscitating an old thread I know. But, no one mentioned moth balls. I put them in my combine and grain truck and it seems to keep the mice away.