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    Flash back

    That power-v looks good hanging on there. We had -17 f yesterday am the rivers are just starting to freeze so we can do some logging. We go for the easy timber first .
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    x900 rtv

    D&D Farm, You are correct about the pipe breaking behind the flange by about a 1/2 inch. The big problem is the first mount on the muffler is mounted to the top of the drive system and the one in our shop took and vibrated so much after the pipe broke that the alumium casting mount with two...
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    x900 rtv

    Mark, You hit it perfect on the head the exhaust should not be mounted on a critical part of the driveline. We took some time and drew up a bracket that fits on other parts of the driveline and put it on our cnc plasma cutter to make multipules.Ihave not found what a pump costs but I sure its...
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    x900 rtv

    exhaust repair :Hi guys, The exhaust flange appears to be pressed on but with the heat a press fitment the pipe would shrink and would fall out without a mechanical connection? This one broke about 1/2 inch behind the flange. I welded it back together and remounted the front muffler mount using...
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    thanks doc ............rod

    thanks doc ............rod
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    x900 rtv

    Has anyone seen the cast bracket alum.break off the pump due to the exhaust pipe broken? Just got one in the shop broke the bracket and took a chunk of alum. leaving hole in the top of the case..