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    I traded my 2016 1100 in for new 2020 1100 and had the dealer install everything for a Curtis plow except the blade. Mounted my old plow yesterday and it didn't work. I am not receiving power to the hyd. motor. I rung the Red cable from the motor to just before the trailer type plug. I really...
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    vin location on 2020 X1100C?

    Traded my 2014 for a 2020 and my insurance agent needs the vin number for the new one. The only thing I can find is a serial number on the back of the cab on the right side. The agent says my old one had a vin number. Am I missing something?
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    Size of outlet from X1100c fuel tank

    I had a problem with junk (spider) blocking my fuel outlet and shutting off my machine. I've been trying to order a spare outlet so I could design a stand-up filter that Kubota should have installed in the first place. I cannot buy just the fitting, but it is part of the complete fuel tank for @...
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    mounting locations for X1100C mirrors

    I am getting ready to mount the outside mirrors on my X1100C, but I sure would like to see some pictures of the finished product before I start drilling holes in my machine. Anybody have them? Cowardly SF :thankyou2:
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    What are the right hand swith holes used for on the X1100C?

    While installing the back light switch, I noticed the blank right hand switch holes seem to not have any accessories associated with them. Does anyone know what they are used for? Just wondering. There seems to be two sets of wires with no purpose behind them. SF
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    spider in the fuel tank of my X1100C

    I had to take my Kubota X1100C to the shop. It kept dying on me. It would just shut off without warning. They found a spider in the fuel tank and it was covering the fuel outlet. They said this is the third one they have seen with this problem. It must have gotten up into the nozzle on my fuel...
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    Slinging mud on X1100 with tracks

    Ok, here's the deal, love my Camoplast tracks on my X1100C, but they sling mud all over the back and sides of my machine. I run them year round and plow snow with them. But in the warmer weather, they trash my Bota. Anybody find a solution for this or is this something I just have to put up...
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    X1100C tie rod removal

    I've searched the forum, but can't find any posts on removing a tie rod on a X1100c. I bent mine and got a new rod, but I can't get the old one off. I have the workshop manual, but all it says is to remove the tie rod. Am I missing something? I did find a video on another site that said his Mac...
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    2014 RTV1100 needs tracks

    Ok, traded in the old 1100 and bought the 2014. Much nicer machine all around! Now am getting serious on installing a set of tracks. Kinda settled on the Camplast 4S, but trying to find a good deal on them. Best so far is $4,599, delivered. Anyone know where I can do better? Also the new plow...
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    2014 1100X shifting problem

    I just traded my 2009 1100 up to a 2014 1100X series. I had heard they were experiencing problems with getting the transmission to release from the gear they were in. My dealer assured me that it really wasn't much of a problem and that his shop's pre delivery procedures would fine tune the...
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    water in my Kaboda RTV1100's air vents

    I get water in my A/C vents after a rain. I can't figure where it is coming in at. Anyone have a similar problem? Cab is air tight yet, so I figure it isn't coming in from the windshield seals. We got 2.8 inches of rain the other day and I must have had 3 cups of water in the ducts after.
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    Rear view mirrors for my 1100?

    Does anyone have a source for outside mirrors for a UTV 1100? I get nervous backing into and out of tight spaces with only the rear view mirror on the windshield. You can't really see to the side very well and I don't like the rubbing noise method to know when too close is too close.:notthatway: