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  1. forest dweller

    RTV-X1120D at 100 Miles

    Great review! Traded in 2005 rtv 900 for a 2014 x1120 and have been very happy. Did get one-way plastic plugs for the bed, the stock ones are somewhere out there on the mountain. The only other items added were a hand throttle for snow plowing (works great for up the mountain driveway) and a...
  2. forest dweller

    More questions

    I have a Curtis on my 1120 and plow a 1/2 mile gravel drive on a mountain. No problem with pushing snow in northern PA. Good luck with what ever you choose.
  3. forest dweller

    Kubota recall

    got my 1120 back from the dealer this morning. They replaced hubs and right a-arm. I had them install a hand throttle kit, can't wait to use it when snow plowing up the mountain.
  4. forest dweller

    Kubota recall

    called the dealer, he has more parts on order. He told me they are going through records to notify owners. Also said they had one unit that did crack a hub. They will pick up my x1120 when the parts come in.
  5. forest dweller

    Kubota recall

    wonder how long it will take to be contacted by dealer or Kubota? I shouldn't be the one to make the first contact! Sucks
  6. forest dweller

    How Many X Models

    a-arm play RTV-X 1120D. Too busy plowing snow too jack it up for a closer look. Didn't see any play when I checked. The machine replaced my 2005 RTV 900. The changes they made are great. My dealer hasn't had any info on the problem, they have sold a lot of RTV-Xs without any known problems and...
  7. forest dweller

    Curtis Plow Skid Shoes

    shoes I had to drill out and replace with 5/8" shoe stems on my '05. I got new shoes at the dealer but not sure what plow they fit. I hope Curtis puts heavier stems on their current plows. I really like the plow, but my 1/4 mile gravel drive made pretzels out of the OEM 1/2" shoes.
  8. forest dweller

    NEW RTV-X1120D

    1120d went to see the 900rtvx at the dealer a few weeks ago. really nice, the changes are signs kubota is listening to this owners group. the dealer is going to call when the 1120d comes in. it's time to trade the 2005 for the upgrade. the only downside is none of the kubota extras will fit the...
  9. forest dweller

    hi all, newbie with a 1100 problem

    Looks like you may need the super high air intake. Glad you are ok.
  10. forest dweller

    Trailerable tops and windshields

    trailering 900 with glass windshield have trailer my 900 with roof and glass windshield for 1200+ miles and never had an issue except for bugs on the glass
  11. forest dweller

    how do i repair seal on la350 bucket cylinder ?

    Thanks all for the great info! I have ordered the repair kits from Messicks and will let you know how I make out. I'll try to take pictures as I go. Thanks again everyone for the input. Forest Dweller
  12. forest dweller

    how do i repair seal on la350 bucket cylinder ?

    The seals are leaking on the tilt cylinders on my la350 bucket. It looks like i need a spaner wrench to remove the end piece. Is there any trick i should know before attempting the seal replacement? Is there a link to see a diagram before i start?
  13. forest dweller

    Battery life

    My battery is going strong at 5 years on the rtv. I seem to get good life from the OEMs but fewer years from the replacements ( die hard and optimus )
  14. forest dweller

    Hello Doc, I read daily but only comment if I have something of value. Really like the site...

    Hello Doc, I read daily but only comment if I have something of value. Really like the site! Forest Dweller
  15. forest dweller

    Let's play in the snow...

    We had more than 50 inches of snow so far this month. If I didn't have the 5 foot blower on the B2150 and the blade on the RTV I'd never get out of the woods; it's a 1/4 mile gravel lane through the woods. Looks like we will be getting more snow next week, come on spring!
  16. forest dweller

    Best Property Defense Weapon for Wife at Barn

    </p> <span style="font-size: 10pt; color: black; font-family: Arial;">The most important thing is to get what <span style="text-decoration: underline;">she</span> feels comfortable with. Rossi has a youth combo 20ga/ .22 for under $200 at Dicks. The .22 with a dot sight is good at...
  17. forest dweller


    Great list Rich. I hope our designers and engineers at Kubota are smart enough to know; that know one is as knowledgeable of the ins and outs and all the needs of a machine, as is the operator that runs it all day long.</p>
  18. forest dweller

    Onfoot has time on his hands!

    Onfoot, </p> I saw a wind turbine just like that west of Whitehorse last fall. Can one see it from the Alaska Highway? We stopped for a coffee at the Whitehorse Starbucks in the early hours. You live in some beautiful country.</p>
  19. forest dweller

    bear came to visit

    In a couple of years my wife will retire and we plan on moving up to Tioga permanently. You're right, the wildlife is great up there. We have; bears, deer, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, eagles, osprey, wood ducks, etc. There was even a migrating loon whistling on the lake 2 weeks ago. Looking forward...