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    2009 Kubota RTV Hydraulic Dump not Working

    A couple more suggestions: 1) Put the Hydraulic Lever in Float, engine off. This will eliminate any line pressure that may prevent the coupler release from working. Under pressure, the couplers can be very difficult at best. I would suggest line pressure is at issue, if both front and rear...
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    Work lights.

    Try I've use these guys for most of my projects. Terminal arrangement is same as most OE requirements i.e. Plug and Play. They have the ability to laser etch whatever symbol or text you want on the rocker face. I found pricing and delivery very reasonable...
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    Replacement LED Headlights for RTV

    For what it's worth, I can confirm my 06 900W uses bulb #896. These were not designed to meet Headlamp Lumens Standards. In the automotive arena, they are used as DRL (Daytime Running Lamps), cornering and reverse lamps. The above mentioned LED lamps should work. 2 x 15w = 2.5amps. Keep in mind...
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    RTV900 Motor Oil Recommended

    Oil is a touchy subject. I use Rotella T6 5w40 in the winter and T6 15w40 Spring thru Fall in all my Diesels (RTV, JD 4310, F-250 7.3ltr). T6 is full synthetic readily available @ Advance Auto, Auto Zone or everyone's favorite - Walmart. Never had starting or excess wear issues that I'm aware...
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    What do you clean your plastic windshield with?

    3rd the use of NOVUS products. Been using them on my Harley windscreens for years. As geohorn stated use only vertical motion to avoid the fine scratch/glare issue. One other trick not mentioned, use a hot towel on any bug residue. Do NOT scrub, just allow the heat from towel soak and loosen...
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    Overheating Possibility

    A trick I was shown many years ago that has never failed me, ensure the radiator is higher that any other part of the cooling system. Drive the front wheels up on ramps, then fill. Air will always try to find an exit at the highest point in the system. The other option, go to HF and buy a vacuum...
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    My vote for Greenworks 1950. Easier to use then my Honda 6hp. Does everything I've tasked it to do so far - clean RTV, frt end loader, truck, goose neck horse trailer etc. Going to use it on the barn before I stain this fall. That will be the real test. 2yrs old and not a problem. Plus no oil...
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    old man oil change

    We use these units at work. I would suggest every 3rd or 4th change you perform the oil change in the traditional way. These units tend not to pickup the last inch or so on the bottom of the oil sump.. That's where the nasty particulates tend to lay in suspense. That is unless the engine was...
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    Xenon Bulbs in Kubota RTV?

    I think you will struggle to find a Headlamp bulb to fit the socket. The bulb in my 06 is the same a side marker. Limits the bulbs you can use. You also need to consider the heat generated by the bulb. The nheadlamp housing may not be able to manage the heat, thus melting the lens or reflective...
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    Boy I feel stupid !!

    Just curious, do these connectors have a 2nd wire in them as well? Possibly the 'switched' ground wire? You need power & ground for a component to operate. If the one wire is hot w/key, then you would think, for an accessory to operate, the 2nd wire would be switched. Of course all that assume...
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    Repair idea for split in seat vinyl

    Suggestion - try a boat shop. They are most likely looking for work this time of year. Any shop worth it's weight knows how to recover a seat as simple as the RTV's. Heck, you could probably get piping added at the same time just to make it fancy. Boat shops are a great source for replacement...
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    JD 4310 Rear Axle Seal

    I need to replace the rear axle seal on my 4310 Hydro. I have the workshop manual & Parts Diagrams. It would appear that I only require the axle seal & 'C' clip. There is no mention of gasket, o'ring or sealant used to seal the axle housing to the diff housing. Has anyone had experience with...
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    RTV to pull a small manure spreader?

    I use my RTV900 to pull our spreader (Conestoga C50). Only time I ever had an issue was this past winter. The snow was so deep in the pastures that I had to take the front end loader out to make paths through the fields. The issue was more to do with lack of ground clearance and traction.
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    Curtis Plow Skid Shoes

    I couldn't find a previous post on this subject - so here goes. The skid shoes wore out on my RTV Curtis Plow. Kubota wants the premium price of $33.00 ea. and no one local has them in stock - go figure, winter in the Northeast and no one is stocking skid shoes. I found an alternative...
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    Radiator flush question

    Used anti-freeze can be recycled, normally at the local dump. You only need to capture the initial amount drained. This will have the highest concentration of glycol and contaminates. The material that remains after flushing w/water or if you choose to use a chemical flush will be diluted to...
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    Block heater

    Rust Extend requires a top coat for full protection. You can use a good spray paint to color match or fluid film if you like the matte black Rust Extend cures too. I usually use Majic brand spray paint from Tractor Supply as a top coat for my gates. It takes a bit to fully cure but I find the...
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    Block heater

    Loctite manufactures fairly diverse Adhesives, Sealants, Lubricants and more. They manufacture a product called Rust Extend, which I use on my pasture gates and trailers. I have used POR 15 in the past and Rust Extend is easier to apply and works just as well - IMHO And yes, for you Fluid...
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    Radiator flush question

    Just thought I'd add a Technician trick to this thread - when refilling the system, raise the radiator higher then the engine or heater i.e. jack up the frt end or drive up a ramp. Air will naturally find it's way to the highest point in the system. Reduces the time to 'burp' and properly fill...
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    wiring the flasher/blinker on 900xt

    Mark - great info - just don't forget to stress fusing the circuit. Your 2nd diagram indicates flasher gets power from 'ignition on' fuse circuit. The first drawing does not show any protection between the battery and flasher. Just a care point.
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    Illuminated Switches

    Illuminated switches They say a picture is worth a thousand words, please see attached diagram of Carling's Ventura Switch. For my use, I tied into the dash instrument light circuit and basically ran a series circuit through all the switches. Same for Ground. I used one ground stud and ran...