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    My Low Buck Shredder

    I ran the same shredder (some call them a rotary cutter) for 24 years until it reached a point that it consists of more weld than original metal. I bought a John Deere 613 for very reasonable money. It was in very good shape and had never been welded on, but the rear apron was torn to...
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    Wifes New Garden Spot

    My wife has been wanting me to clear out an old cattle working pen for her new garden spot. Just can't keep up with everything and let the trees grow up around it when I changed my pens around. I've got most of it cleared and mowed. I'm about to drag all the coastal off of it and get ready to...
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    Hello from NE Texas

    I've been posting here a month or two, but answered the call for donations yesterday, so I guess I now feel official enough to post an introduction. I live in North East Texas very close to the Red River. I've lived in Texas all my life except for 10 weeks at Fort Polk, Louisiana and a little...
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    Back from the Dead

    I will try to attach pictures of my old Ford 3000 that I brought back from the dead. I've owned my place 24 years and got her shortly after getting the place. I spent about 10 of the early years on the place cutting, raking and baling hay, shredding and taking of the garden. She worked HARD...
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    Ford 3000 Generator Brush Source?

    Anyone know where I can get a set of generator brushes for an early 3000 diesel? I find beaucoup sources for generators, but all I need is a set of brushes.