2009 Kioti CK27 in North Louisiana


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I bought new in '09. Has just over 600 hours. Just did the regular hundred hour oil & filter change.

Has a loader & new 5' County Line brand bush hog.

Hardest work it's done is mowing our 10 acres or so, that used to be a hay field, with a 5' bush hog.

Fill the pot holes in our 1/2 mile road/driveway, with the loader.

Pushed some downed trees & limbs off my wife's horse riding trails.

Has a few minor problems, but is ready to work, now. Only reason for selling is because the wife wants an auto(HST) trans, so she can use it more. It has been kept under our carport. Gonna put it inside my shop, completely out of the weather, 'til it sells.

Price: $12,500 for tractor & loader. $1500 extra for the County Line 5' bush hog. From the current new tractor prices I've found, this is around $10,000 lower than a similar new one.

Local dealer has offered $10k for trade. Trading will knock off the tax on that $10k. So, I'll consider all offers over $11k for just the tractor & loader.


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Six working pics.


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That's a lot of tractor for 11 to 12k. Getting the word out is the toughest part but I'm sure you'll find a buyer ... just might take a month or two. They sell best in March and April.


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Yeah, not much interest in lawn mowers & tractors in Jan/Feb. Not a single inquiry yet.

Only problem is that by March/April, in the current new tractor market, there's likely to be an even bigger shortage of tractors than there is right now. Therefore, the price of new tractors is likely to continue to rise, a lot. Every tractor dealer I've talked to say they have popular model tractors that have been ordered for many months, & have gotten ZERO of those.

We recently visited an LS assembly facility. They have several hundred tractors on the lot. I think the guy said it was over 700. Of the model we'd buy, they only had 6. Couldn't assembly any of 'em because they don't have the tires/wheels for 'em. A MS dealer said in a YouTube video that model is/was their #1 seller. So, with that model being very popular, there being only 6 at the assembly plant which serves all the dealers in this area, what are the chances any of those will be shipped to my local dealer. And he has already told me that he won't do warranty work on a tractor I buy somewhere else.

I've already seen that prices for some of the models I'd consider have risen 25% & more, in just the last 2 years. One in particular that was only $16k-$17k, is now advertised for $20k-$23k.

Considering the tractor shortage, it wouldn't surprise me to see some of the popular models sell for 35-40% more. I suppose I should just let it slide, & keep the Kioti 'til the tractor shortage is over & prices are more competitive. But, like most others, I want what I want sooner, rather than later.

In this country, it's frustrating to have the money for something, but not be able to find it to buy. This covid deal really messed things up. We paid for a new fridge in early 2020. Never came. They had to give us a refund. Then had to almost force another store to sell us one of their floor models. It's just strange to not be able to buy what you want, even if you have enuff to pay for it.


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Right on the tires !! We needed a large tractor tire on the front of the JD and the only Firestone available was in another state- and it was their last one at almost $400 ! We ordered it..... The imported tires wear out too fast as we use our tractors every day in the winter to feed cows and clip pastures in the summer -weeks for that. .
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