2011 900xt rearend?

Guys, i just replaced rear halfshafts both sides, on my machine and was wondering if the axel is lifted off the floor and the trans is in neutral ,i spin 1 tire forward and the other side should go backwards easily is this correct?spider gears does this i think,but seems like a lot of drag to turn the tire, What am i missing? Thanks for any help,Scotty
The service manual procedure for checking the proper amount of drag is there should be no more than 10 foot pounds of resistance with the wheels off and checking with a torque wrench. With the machine in neutral.
Thanks guys for your help,Its so dam cold here in mich right now and i dont have a heated garage to work in...will get back with results asap when it warms up a bit..once again,thanks so much for your input....Scotty