255 Massey Ferguson pto won’t stop running


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I have a 255 Massey Ferguson and the pto shaft won’t stop running once I turn on the tractor , I push in the clutch tractor runs fine when in gear I push in the clutch and the pto doesn’t stop running tractor stops but pto won’t stop running once engine warms up the pto looses power but won’t stop running I pulled the top of transmission cover off with connects to 3 point hitch inside I found a hydraulic pump but nothing out of the ordinary


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The PTO brake is a thin disc that sort of "floats" around the clutch drum. It's clamped by a brake piston that (supposedly) stops the drum rotation when the brake is applied. They aren't all that effective when they work, so your condition may not be unusual. What matters is does the clutch pull a load when engaged, and does it stop when disengaged. (with a load applied) Sometimes the disc will break and wind up in pieces at the bottom of the housing.

Should there actually be a problem with the clutch pack, it will require a rear split to remove and repair it.
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