4WD articulated tractor works!


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Thought I'd start a new thread, the build is here --> Artic build thread

Well, its a goer! Had one big leak, just a loose hose though. Seems to be stopped now. Did a few (alot) of victory laps. The lawn is ruined, worth it though.
Very pleased with the way it works. Its got plenty of power from what I have seen so far.

We got one decent photo despite it being night time.


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AWESOME Mith. Congrats to you. You da man!!!!!!!!!
You deserve a beer!!!
Cheers! :beer:


Nice job mith, I'll bet you're grinning ear to ear!

Looking forward to more action photos and maybe a video clip!?

Congratulations on the job, well engineered and looks ****ing awesome!!!


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Cheers guys. If you weren't all on the wrong side of the pond you could come over to play with it.

I'll try and get some better pics and maybe a video this weekend.

Been playing more today. The engine has developed a problem, its running really rich. I've narrowed it down to probably being the plugs. I only had one spare that was similar, and it improved it, but I'll get a pair of brand new ones organized under warranty.

Found a load more loose fittings too, all on the return side, so they weren't leaking. The hydraulic tank seeps a little at the top. I'll have to have a think and decide what to do about it.


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Cheers guys

Excuse the temp fuel tank. I need to find a much bigger one, I'd like it to be able to run all day without filling up. Seems to use ~1 USgallon an hour or maybe a little more. Only got 2 hours on the clock so far though.


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If you put a sheet metal hood over that engine, you might have to raise that La-Z-Boy recliner up so that you can see over the hood.:yum:

Are you going to put some type of hitch or something on it so that you can "do work"? Like I told Monica when I bought my tractor (BTW, your's is much cooler because you made it) the tractor is useless w/o attachments.


Holy Cow!

That had to be a very proud moment indeed. You have a very rare quality in problem solving and your tenacious attitude about building and finishing the projects are most certainly appreciated by most all of us.

jwstewar brings up an interesting point....How much of a problem would it be relocating the exhaust muffler and air cleaner body?? Seems like a little fabricating now would sure improve visability, especially if you ad a front end loader, spear, bucket or forks.

Over here, my above paragraph is called 'Armchair Quaterbacking' LOL.....

I'm anxious to find out how much weight you Monster will skid and look forward to updates......

Thanks so very much for sharing the build thus far.