Added lights to gator 835M Gator last weekend


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Added work and hazard lights to Gator last weekend. Cost me around 120-130.00 for lights and relay. Believe I would of spent 700-800 for factory lights and a beacon light. Beacon light wouldn't clear my garage door so that was out. Lights I bought have 2 rows of leds, one is regular lights and the other row is amber lights, ran 2 rows off of 2 switches. Work real good so far. Will be good for snow plowing and general driving on the country roads.


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In the movie, those lights seem to have a significant noise. ;)
Looks real good! I'm due for new lights on my old RTV. Mine are old filament bulbs which draw a lot so I'm thinking of LED's.
Next time you're out when it's snowing, please let us know how those strobes effect your vision. I like my lights up high but sometimes the blinking of the strobe coupled with the snow coming down really messes up my vision.


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Well I am hoping I scare the snow off now, but we will see. No problems with the hazard lights at night without snow, just will have to see how they perform during snow plowing. Will reply to thread when I try them under snowing conditions.