Another hobby that wont make me money


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Funny how when Dad liked something ....... Ya sorta pick it up.


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As youngin' I watched my Dad handle one of those horse drawn plows behind a team of horses before he went modern in the 1950's and bought a super'C' tractor.

Nice collection of emplements you have there.:wow:


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They don't make men tough anymore.

Grandpa was a farmer and Dad had his work ethic. He worked two full time jobs for over thirty years and then started his third career as an Antique dealer. Everytime he spotted a plow at an auction he'd grab it and give them to my wife.


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Very nice. :thumb: I love the old plows like those. Sure glad I don't have to work one to make my money. :eek:
Good work Sarg.
ps. If you find a hobby that does make you money be sure to share it here .... I could use a hobby like that (but I'm afraid it would be called a job then).


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And each one means less grass to cut. :clap:

Tough old guys were common. One down the road could lift a 45 gal drum onto the pickup by himself. Not sure what liquid was in the barrell. It was heavy. Hands on him like a bear claw. Very gentle man thank God.


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The big guys usually are very gentle. They rarely had any of the other kids on the playground pickin' on 'em.