Beggars Night for NTT, PLEASE DONATE!


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Hey all,
The time has come for my annual begging for funds to help pay forum expenses for the 2019 forum year.

I don't want to jinx myself bragging but 2018 has been a good year so far. For the first time ever I have some of the funds that you all donated still in the till. Nice to be in the black for a change. 2019 will have the never ending monthly bills but I feel better going into 2019 than I did about our current year. With your help we can do the same or the 2019 calendar year. :clap::clap:

Still, my hat is in hand as I hope you can see fit to send some dollars NTT way.

If your generosity continues and we can cover a good portion of the expenses with a little left over for equipment breakdowns and ... I'm also looking for an email solution. This will be a new expense but with gmail and a few others refusing to deliver email from this server, I am hoping to find a solution to this issue that I can afford to implement early next year.

If this is not a good time for you but you feel you could donate in March or April (or any month) please pledge to donate in whatever month you choose. Any month of 2019. That way I can count on the funds down the road and it helps me plan expenses for the upcoming calendar year.

Please consider parting with a little cash in support of the forums.

To pledge you can post in this thread, or PM me.

Site Supporters groups are as follows:

GOLD Site Supporter $100 a year. (8.34 per month or .28 cents a day.)

Super Site Supporter $50 a year. (4.17 per month or .14 cents a day.)

Site Supporter: $20 a year ( 1.67 per month or .05 cents a day)

To make a donation go to:
and click on make a donation, or go to your paypal account and click send money, send it to: doc AT (a company)
Please be sure to include your member name here to get proper credit for your donation.

If you prefer to send a check, PM me or email me for my address (Easy way to PM me, click on my user name above this post, and select PM doc, to email me use the Contact Us button at the bottom of each forum page.)

Note, you can use your visa or mastercard to paypal a donation even if you do not have a paypal account.

Like last year, if you become a site supporter here, and you frequent one of my other forums, you will get site supporter status there also.

THANKS in advance for your support. :tiphat: :clap: :clap: :clap:


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Hey guys, we are off to a good start. Thanks to those who have taken the time to share some of their hard earned cash to help keep this forum running. It is appreciated more than you realize.

I have an unknown donor. I have emailed your paypal contact email. Please reply back to me with your membername here and I will make sure you get credit for your donation.

We are off to a good start but lets keep this roll going so I won't have to bug ya for another whole year. Thanks!!!!


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I want to thank all those who stepped up and donated for my beggars night promotion in support of the forums.


You All are Awesome!!!!

:thankyou2: :clap: :clap: :tiphat::wow: :beer::dancing::thewave: