Bh77 backhoe problems


So the backhoe has been acting up after we blew a hose and replaced
It. First the swing wouldn’t go left so I pulled the relief valve and cleaned put it back in and it worked for a minute then stopped working again. Tried again and then the slick quit working. Pulled valves cleaned put back and it worked for a day. Then tried the next day and intermittently the slick swing and boom would quit working. So I pulled the entire valve body out of the tractor split the valve open cleaned it all out thinking there was some crap in there replaced all the o rings put it all back together and still the same problems. Only the functions with reliefs are acting up. When one function stops working if I loosen the corresponding relief valve not to the point that it would leak but just barely loosen it the function will work again tighten it back down and it works for a bit then stops again. This works for all functions with reliefs when they quit working. It’s plausible that the reliefs are bad but all of them going at once is not probable. The tractor has less than 500hrs on it and the hoe has been attached to the tractor sense new. Any ideas???


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Sorry, no ideas here. But I do have hoe envy.
Good luck getting to the bottom of this.


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No ideas either.

I have a 'Kubota' BH from 1980 that was sold as 'OEM' by both Kubota and Yanmar back then. In the 12 years I've owned it it's just had the routine maintenance you would expect on something now 40 years old. I've replaced a couple of cylinder seals and two hoses, no other problems.

Photo - grubbing out blackberry bushes in the orchard that were so close to trees that the disc didn't get them. Mostly I use it to remove stumps before re-planting Photo2, and trenching.