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Hello to all. I have a 2013 New Holland Boomer 50 with 180 hrs on it.
I bought it used. I have lots of power in 1st and 2nd range I can spin all 4 tires with the loader and 400 lbs of ballast in both ranges.

My issue is that in 3rd (high) range its it is week, it will stall out on even small grades. The engine will drop 2-300 rpm, throw a smoke haze and it will stop moving. It does not make any difference if I partially or fully press the hydro pedal.

Does any one have a Boomer 40 or 50 out there, how does it work in 3rd range?

Any ideas as to what the problem could be? I changed the filters and hyd fluid and it did not make a difference.

Thanks to all who respond.

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I have a 29. No not the HP you have but my 3 gear or range seems to only be good on the road. My own driveway has a hill to it and I gave to back the hydro quite a bit. Hope this helps you.


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I have a 2013 Boomer 3050 with a CVT transmission. Even though it seems to be quite responsive with seemingly reasonable power to the wheels at low speeds, at high speeds it is easy to bog down the engine. My TC45 D with a hydro tended to be the same way. As speed is increased, it takes more HP to move the tractor, in particular if it is heavy. My Boomer 3050 weighs approximately 7,000 lbs.

I found info here: to help at least somewhat concerning this issue. There is a power to weight issue. For my tractor, the horsepower to weight ratio is 0.007 which is pretty low.
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