Chute deflector operator for snow blower


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I really got tired of getting off and on the tractor to adjust the chute deflector on the snow thrower mounted on the John Deere 455 diesel. So I designed and installed a linear actuator on the chute hood - see pictures below. It is controlled by a DPDT toggle switch mounted in the cab.

The actuator only moves about 4" but gives over 60 degres of action to the chute deflector. NICE.. John


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I just did he neighbors driveway - minus 8d F and 25 to 30 MPH winds. He had a bad stroke about 10 days ago and may never recover. She has a heart condition and cannot shovel.

They had snow about 30" deep from the plow and a 4' drift in front of the garage. It sure is nice to not have to get out of the cab to change anything on the chute and the deflector is really needed in the wind. I was cold in the enclosure, but I was out of the wind and blowing snow and very happy to have finished the chute actuator.


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Can you share any info on teh actuator? Where did you steal power from? the battery or is there a 12v i can grab on my 425?