Chute Rotator for Snowblower


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Hi guys, Here are some pix of the homemade chute rotator I made for my 3pt snowblower. The winch is a cheapy I bought on Ebay for $60.00 shipped. The only welding was the mounting plate and a 5/16 cable clip tacked to the snout to grip the cable. I ran power back from the battery and installed a 30 amp inline fuse. The fuse is very important for times when I'm not paying attention and try to turn the chute too far in one direction. As soon as the winch starts to stall, the fuse will blow killing the power. Hasn't failed me yet! It takes about 5 seconds to rotate the chute from hard left to hard right.
Attaching the winch like this allows me to keep the manual handle in place. If the winch dies for some reason, I simply put the winch in "freewheel" and use the handle instead. Hope the pix come out as this is my first post and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing! lol.. Thanks guys..Hope this helps someone. :tiphat:


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Looking good tripe. If I had a blower, that would be one of the first things I'd do too. Pictures came out great. We like pictures........

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TRIPE....What a great idea. I have been toying withtrying to get a chute rotater installed on an "Agrotrend" manual rotate blower i have and thought about this many times. Thanks for the idea and the pics :wow: Gonna' add this to my summer rainy day projects.


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Pretty neat! Way to go there, making those brain cells
never thought of doing it that way before.