Ck20hst problem

Jeff Hester

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I have a ck20 hst. I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem as I.on the front the cone that goes through the bearings on the 4wd down to front hub now has broken on both sides less than 6 months apart


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Welcome to Net Tractor Talk, Jeff. I searched back through the archives and couldn't find any posts that mentioned that exact problem. Maybe someone will come along soon that has knowledge of that particular tractor.


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Welcome to the forum. Wish it was under better circumstances.

Do you have any pics of the damage? I know several CK20, CK25 and DK tractors but haven't heard of this issue.


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a guy who lives around here has a mahindra who broke the rod on the front and he said it cost him 150'00 to get a new one he said wasn't to hard to change wish i could tell you more other than if the front end is put into a hard strain the weakest parts will show them selves also he told me most of the front ends on these newer tractors have the same problem. hope you get it fixed best of luck.