CK20S kioti putting mahindra 3710 backhoe on kioti pto for pump???


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I had to use tractors pump to power the backhoe. I tried the pto pump and failed it was getting so hot I had no choice but to use the tractors pump. I hate to do this because they're powered by the fuel cam which I broke trying it out for the first time not having the pop off set correctly. So now after replacing fuel cam and lowering pressure pop off it seems to be doing really well except it's under powered because of fuel cam and hydraulic pump. I have to run it around 2000rpm to get it to dig. But hey it could be worse. I love my little tractor,so now I'm gonna put a hydraulic pump on the front of engine where the pto fits on just gotta find the splines shaft that fits it so I can put a U joint between pump and motor. Other than yhat it's doing great