clutch on M-F 135


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Greetings All,
Started to put the old, reliable brute (1974) in gear to grade the driveway and found, much to my dismay, great clashing sound and difficulty getting it into gear. Success finally came with the disquietingly added surprise that the tractor took off immediately, even with the clutch pedal fully depressed. Furthermore, I had to turn it off to change gears, whereupon it continued to run with the clutch fully depressed. Can anyone tell me what happened? Also, how do I tell if it has a single or dual clutch?? Thanks, Mark
It has a dual clutch. part way down for the tractor and the rest for the pto.

Sounds like it is stuck to the flywheel. start it in high range 2nd gear on level ground. It will move when you hit the starter so have lots of open ground in front of you. Hold the clutch in while you hit the brakes with the engine pulling, it might break free. If this doesnt work it might mean a tear down. When pulling the pressureplate. Be sure to take one bolt out on each flange and put in a longer bolt before taking the others out, and be sure to take them out evenly, it will be under pressure. If you dont put the longer bolts in it might break off an ear when the last bolt is relieved. The longer bolts will hold it in place while the pressure is relieved.