Comparing Old to New


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Thought I would share a few things comparing my old New Holland TC24D to my new Kubota L3301 now that I have 11 hours on the Kubota vs. over 2500 on the New Holland.

First is size. The Kubota is substantially larger than the New Holland - that was known and planned, but just the getting used to it, especially in the barn. I was so used to the New Holland, I could do about anything on it and could put it anywhere without "looking" because I just knew the tractor so well - that isn't a knock on the Kubota, but hopefully that will come with time again.

Comparison - the New Holland engine actually vibrated less than the Kubota, but the Kubota engine is quieter. I had heard people complain about hydrostat whine but I never understood why. I didn't think it was that bad. Now I know why. The hydrostat on the NH is much, much quieter than the Kubota.

Things I like better about the Kubota: The instrument panel on the Kubota better, better illumination and easier to read at night. I'm enjoying have a 3 range hydrostat, I do most chores in medium, it has enough power to do most things, but still gives me a little quicker travel speed. Really liking my the SSQA loader. I switch between the bucket and hay spear quite a bit and like the fact the new tractor can pick the round bales up with the loader and it doesn't care. Makes it easier getting them into the hay feeders. I like the R14 tires and the heavier weight, I find for the most part, it doesn't spin when going into a pile like the NH did. I like the fact the head lights have a low and high beam.

Things I liked better about the New Holland: The quietness of the Hydrostat :) Other than the throttle, I think the controls on the New Holland were laid out much better. The 4wd selector lever was a nice big lever that easily slid into and out of 4wd. The PTO lever was a nice big lever that could easily be engaged with gloves on. The lever is small on the Kubota and I'm not sure if I have big work gloves on if I can engage it or not. Even though I said I liked the low and high beam headlights on the Kubota, I think the NH still had better overall headlights - brighter bulbs and actually used 4 bulbs to help light off to the side. I liked the radiator screen design a bit better. It pulled straight up. The Kubota slides out to the side. You have to raise the loader up to get it out. Still like the hydrostat pedal design a bit better on the New Holland, even though I think with heavy winter boots on, I will actually like the Kubota design a bit better.

Two complaints I have with the Kubota, it is still very hard to get into and out of 4wd. The New Holland was very easy, hoping it will loosen up a bit over time. Second is the loader bucket. Even though it is 12" wider (66" vs. 54") I don't feel like I'm able to get much more material in the bucket as it isn't near as deep. I also feel the New Holland bucket was a much heavier built bucket. I may eventually look around for a New Holland SSQA bucket and see if I can "afford" it.