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I came across this weight in a trade. It was originally a counter weight from a powered hand truck. It weighs 720# and I have used it on my 3 point on my L3200 with a draw bar. I like the weight but I'd rather not have it swinging back there. Does anyone have suggestions as to incorporating it into the top link to stabilize it? It's probably the most weight I've seen in such a small package 17"x 12"x 11" Thanks in advance


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Are you trying to stop it from swaying left-to-right or front-to-back?
For left-to-right, your tractor should have anti-sway arms for your lower lift arms.
For front-to-back, I'd suggest you switch to a 3-point draw bar. It'll help with the swinging but you'll need to keep the weights as close as you can to the draw bar. If the weight is swinging from a chain (as it seems to be in the picture), you'll need to tighten that up.

Do an internet picture search for 3-point ballast box. You should find some good images on how to switch the weights directly into a 3-point setup by putting your pins directly on the weights. I'm thinking of something like this. You don't need the box that's pictured but if you can attach pins to your weight this setup may work.


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Thanks for the replies
I thought about welding one of those hitches to the weight but I wonder if they can handle the weight. they're designed to move trailers. After reading the review of some of them it looks like the steel is kind of dainty. The weight weighs north of #700 I suppose I could weld a draw bar to it and then a 2"x2" square tube upright to catch the top link. As bczoom put it I want to stop the front to back sway. It feels very weird when it happens.


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put a bar through your three point arms and run your chain over the bar and another down to your draw bar. when you raise the three point arms to pick up the weight the chain to the draw bar should tighten and stop any swing.

or get one of these ^^^^^^ and put it in place of the chain? use the bolts on the weight to go through the holes in the above draw bar.