CS2410 Backhoe - 3PT Hitch or SB2410


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HI there, looking for anyone with comments on the backhoe options for the CS2410. I can get a SB2410 installed for about $10,000 Canadian or I can by a Value Leader BHM5 for about $5,300 CAD. Different specs and all on each of them but I am only looking to use it on my parcel of land for some minor digging as I landscape the area.

My concern is with the 3PT Hitch version and stability and stress on the tractor. As per the SPECs it looks like the KIOTI should be able to lift the BHM5.

Any guidance and experiences with either is highly appreciated.



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Disclaimer: I don't have a CS2410 nor have I personally used either of those backhoes but I do have seat time running backhoes including Kioti CK and DK series.

If you're working in just dirt and have no stumps or large rocks to deal with, I'd "think" either would work for you but a frame mount is always much better than a 3PH version except for installing or removing from the tractor then the 3PH version is normally easier.

If you have stumps or rocks to deal with, I can say that it's going to beat up most anything in that size. I've seen 1" pins and welds break on backhoes driven off a Kioti DK35 when doing this sort of work.

You said you're just doing some landscaping. Have you considered bringing in a skidsteer with backhoe to do the work for you? They have the power and maneuverability to fly through the work. No idea what that would cost around your area but around here (if you don't know someone where you could give them 4 cases of beer), it would cost about $500-800 for a day including the operator.