Curtis Plow Skid Shoes

I couldn't find a previous post on this subject - so here goes. The skid shoes wore out on my RTV Curtis Plow. Kubota wants the premium price of $33.00 ea. and no one local has them in stock - go figure, winter in the Northeast and no one is stocking skid shoes. I found an alternative solution, for those that like to save a dollar or two. Moose Racing New Style Skid Shoes, part # M91-50021. You can buy them all day for $12-15.00 on the web. Retail stores in my area sell for $18.00.

No savings comes without a bit of work. The original Skid Shoe shaft is 1/2" diameter. The Moose replacement is 5/8". Which means you need to enlarge the mounting holes. If you have a 5/8" drill bit, your cost savings are very sizable (especially if you replace both at the same time). If you have to buy one, about $18.00 @ Home Depot/Lowes, then the first replacement is almost a wash. You will need to purchase 5/8" flat washers to adjust the height.You will also need to reduce the shaft height by 1.5" and drill a new hitch pin hole.

I further enhanced the set up by using an old cylinder head valve spring on the shafts to reduce the shock of the skid shoe riding up and down.

All in all, drilling out the mounting holes, cutting the shaft to proper length, drilling new hitch pin holes and adjusting the skid shoes properly took all of about 45 mins. The next replacement will take less then 15. And don't forget to treat the freshly drilled holes.

I should mention these Skid Shoes are much more robust then the Kubota original.


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I quit buying them for my Bota Plow as they were to expensive.I went to the scrap pile and found some good 1/4 inch plating and cit my own out and welded them to a 1/2 inch threaded stud.They work great and are now fully adjustable for any height.If your old shoes still have some steel left on them and have access to a welder lay some beads to build it back up with some 7018 rod.So long as I have something to weld to ill build them back up yearly.

I had to drill out and replace with 5/8" shoe stems on my '05. I got new shoes at the dealer but not sure what plow they fit. I hope Curtis puts heavier stems on their current plows. I really like the plow, but my 1/4 mile gravel drive made pretzels out of the OEM 1/2" shoes.


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I like Mark's suggestion about, building them up if you can weld, 7018 works great and it is easy to grind smooth, stellite-6 is a hard surface welding rod that lays a bead that will last a very long time, if you have access to some and can weld try it. If your skid shoes aren't robust enough then you will have to change them or beef them up, then in future use the weld build up approach.