Dealing with ice on the road instead of sanding


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I have over a mile of dirt road to keep open, and while plowing is easy, it is the ice coatings we get from time to time that is much more of a problem. I don't maintain a large supply of sand under cover or salted so I have to sand the road by hand - having a sander come in costs over $100 each time! To reduce the need for sanding I use a DR Power Equipment grader.

I use this in all the other seasons to maintain the road and until last year it was put in storage for the winter. This piece of equipment has carbide teeth that scarifies the road, and then a blade behind evens out the loose material. Now I use it to break through the ice and it even pulls up some of the gravel under the ice so that not only is the ice disrupted it disperses enough of the road material to make the road as good as if I had sanded it. A few passes usually does all I need to do!


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I have one of those I'm wanting to sell. It has a wireless remote and battery on the grader itself.
Pretty sure it's the one pictured below.
It has an electrical issue. When you hit the remote, it doesn't lift or lower. I have the troubleshooting manual (direct from DR) to get it fixed. I haven't bothered (yet) in that I have a 3-point landscape rake on the tractor which is better suited to my needs and terrain.
$350 as is/where is. More if I do the troubleshooting and repair it myself.

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